‘Bethenny Ever After’ Season Premiere: It’s Complicated

“Holy s-it balls!” Bethenny Frankel’s new life as a wife, mother, New York Times Bestselling Author, and reality star has made things a tad more complicated than she expected, and in tonight’s season premiere of her second Bravo installment, “Bethenny Ever After” (10/9c), she gives you a taste of the hysterical—and at times, emotional—adventures she’s in for.

Take a look at some highlights:

Premature Death? B wants to know where the heck her hard-earned money would go if she suddenly kicked the bucket, and just the thought of hubby Jason Hoppy using it on a second younger wifey makes her want to kick his bucket.

Boob Talk. The ta-tas pop out in full post-pregnancy measure when B and her gal pal go bra shopping. Chest bumps aren’t just for dudes anymore!

Issues With the In-Laws. Even as understanding and gracious as Jason’s parents are, Beth wants to express her boundaries. Needless to say, Jason thinks Miss Big Mouth oversteps them.

Touring Jason’s Hometown. Jason’s small town of Hazelton, PA, has got some real characters—and Bethenny gets to meet all of them since they’re his buds. Look out for Mr. Bon Jovi Hair, Buck the Prime-Time Sperm Donor, and the shady dude at the local bar who makes B feel like “Jody Foster in The Accused.”

Finding Her Roots. After a long visit to the in-laws and realizing how different she and her new hubby really are, Beth goes back to therapy and talks about her dysfunctional childhood. Needless to say, digging deep brings out old demons, and the comedy turns into momentary dramady!

Watch a Sneak Peek:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Bethenny-Ever-After/106392/1802633575/Bethenny-Goes-Over-Her-History/embed 580 476]

The season premiere of “Bethenny Ever After” airs tonight on Bravo at 10/9c.

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