Sorry, Charlie: Longtime Publicist Quits as Sheen Meltdown Continues

Charlie Sheen's 20/20 Interview (ABC)

Charlie Sheen's 20/20 Interview (ABC)

UPDATED: Apparently not satisfied with already appearing in interviews on two network morning shows on Monday, Charlie Sheen later took to to further press his case against CBS and the producers of “Two and a Half Men” (especially exec producer Chuck Lorre). Sheen was seen at around midday Monday in a live-stream ‘netcast on TMZ, being “interviewed” by a TMZ reporter in what looked like Sheen’s backyard patio. The interview amounted to more of the same kind of stuff Charlie said on the morning shows (see below), but the TMZ appearance was apparently the last straw for Sheen’s embattled, long-time publicist, Hollywood vet Stan Rosenfield. Shortly before the TMZ interview went live, Rosenfield resigned as Sheen’s p.r. man, according to The Hollywood Reporter. With Sheen giving wacky interviews all over the place, apparently against the advice of his P.R. rep, Rosenfield said in a statement that he is “unable to work effectively as [Sheen’s] publicist.”

PREVIOUSLY: As if we hadn’t already heard enough from Charlie Sheen last week in his various radio rants, there he was on TV Monday morning, on dueling network shows.

How’d that happen? Well, it happened because the wayward CBS sitcom star apparently said yes to separate interview requests from each network – ABC and NBC. ABC announced Sunday that correspondent Andrea Canning had scored an interview with Sheen for a one-hour special edition of “20/20” that will be seen Tuesday night (10/9c). But shortly thereafter, ABC’s hopes for a Sheen exclusive were dashed when NBC announced that its own correspondent, Jeff Rossen, had also scored an interview with Sheen that would be seen Monday morning on “The Today Show.”

As a result, ABC’s “Good Morning America” aired lengthy excerpts of the Canning interview Monday morning to counter the NBC interview. And both “GMA” and “Today” plan on having the same duel on Tuesday morning.

So what did the now-former star of “Two and a Half Men” have to say on the two Monday morning shows? Pretty much the same thing – only more so.

Watch Sheen’s Full “Today” Interview:

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Here are some highlights (if that’s what you want to call them):

Chivalry, thy name is Charlie Sheen: In the ABC interview, Sheen, 45, inexplicably described himself as “extremely old-fashioned. I’m a nobleman. I’m chivalrous.” But he also bragged of his “bitchin’ rock star life” and boasted that, at the height of his drug use, “I was bangin’ seven-gram rocks and finishing them because that’s how I roll!” In the NBC interview, he called himself “a total frickin’ rock star from Mars!”

Stars Slam Charlie Sheen

Violent?! Who are you calling violent?!: In both interviews, Sheen denied that he’s a violent person, despite evidence to the contrary such as his arrest in Colorado in December 2009 on charges he attacked his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller (he eventually pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge). And yet, “violent” is one of his favorite words. “I’m gonna completely embrace it and love it violently and defend it violently through violent hatred,” he said in the ABC interview about his hard-partying lifestyle. And he wonders why Chuck Lorre and Warner Brothers won’t allow him back in their facilities!

I’m clean, man, I swear it!: In both interviews, Sheen insisted he is now clean and sober – achieving this serene state without the help of conventional rehab or AA. In one of his frequent contradictions, he insisted that his drug-using days are over, even as he declared his desire to “embrace” the party life. ABC even aired the results of a drug test Sheen apparently agreed to undergo on Saturday under the “supervision” of the gossip Web site, According to a Radar editor, Dylan Howard, who appeared on “GMA,” Sheen passed both a blood and a urine test with flying colors. “GMA” co-host George Stephanopoulos noted that the results would mean Sheen hasn’t used in about 72 hours.

Charlie Sheen Goes On Epic Rampage

Charlie embraces his victimhood: In both interviews, he expressed his belief that he bears no blame or responsibility for the shutdown of his sitcom. He said the “anger” everyone feels he’s guilty of expressing in the media lately is really his “passion.” He then passionately threatened to sue CBS and Warner Brothers and demanded $3 million per episode to work on seasons nine and 10 of “Two and a Half Men” (he reportedly earned $2 million an episode up until production was suspended). “Look at what they put me through,” he told NBC’s Rossen. “I’m underpaid.” He then accused CBS of “trying to destroy my family” and said he expects an apology from the network. And, oh yes, while they’re apologizing to him, they can also “lick” his feet, he said.

Just another day on Planet Sheen. And tomorrow is another one that threatens to stretch from morning ’til prime time.

All of which begs the question: When will this Sheen story end? Or, more importantly, how?

Charlie Sheen Makes Outrageous Demand

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