Jason Ritter Will Pass on ‘Three’s Company’ Remake

Jason Ritter on 'The Event' (Photo: NBC)

Jason Ritter on 'The Event' (Photo: NBC)

Jason Ritter has no plans to “come and knock on our door” in an upcoming remake of “Three’s Company.”

The star is backing away from reports that he would consider taking over his late father John Ritter’s role of Jack Tripper in a dramatic interpretation of the ‘70s sitcom being developed for both stage and screen by James Franco.

“I would be intrigued by it, but I don’t think I would ever do it,” he says.  “That is a rumor.  I don’t know how it got started.”

Not that Ritter has a whole lot of free time these days.

The NYU grad has five movies coming down the pike and a full-time day job as computer software engineer Sean Walker on NBC’s “The Event.”

We caught up with Ritter at Norby Walters annual “Night of 100 Stars” Oscar party Sunday night to talk about the sci-fi/adventure series, his return to “Parenthood” and more.

What is the latest with “The Event”?
We are coming back not this week, but the next week.  We will have two new episodes that night and one episode each week until the season finale.

“The Event” Prepares to Return with a Vengeance

What can we look forward to?
The whole show has completely changed.  One of the things that is really exciting is that for a while we were all in our little bubbles with our own storylines.  Now it is all starting to converge.  I am getting to work with actors that I haven’t gotten to work with.  Laura Innes and I have a scene together coming up and I didn’t think that would happen for a couple of seasons.  She is the head of the mysterious detainees.

So your fans have to wait a whole week to see you on TV?
I did go back and do an episode of “Parenthood” (airing Tuesday, March 1).  I am still in love with Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham).  But I know, and they both know, that it is still not the right time, so I am being respectful of her and keeping my distance.

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Now Lauren Graham is a few years older than you…
That doesn’t bother me.  She is a beautiful lady.

Three’s Company” is a classic.  Don’t you think they should just leave it alone?
I think that there are times when it is good to leave things alone and there are times when you can find new life in something by taking another tactic at it.  I talked to a lot of people who saw the installation he [Franco] did at Sundance and they loved it.  They said it was so great and weird and bizarre.  But that is his project.  He wouldn’t need to call me.

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