Two For Drew: ‘Rehab’ Doc’s Life-Changing New Shows

So let’s say Charlie Sheen goes on the “Today” show and spews out crazy things like declaring he’s “a total frickin’ rock star from Mars” and “I have tiger blood and Adonis DNA” – like he did this morning – you might wonder what a mental health professional might say about that, right?

Well, that’s where Dr. Drew Pinksy (“Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” “Sober House,” “Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew,” and “Loveline”) comes in. Coming soon on CNN’s Headline News (HLN), Pinksy will be chiming in as host of his own simply titled “Dr. Drew on HLN” show about the day’s biggest news, interviews, and happenings. Think of it as a daily news recap with Dr. Drew’s unique insight.

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“We’re sort of going to get into the people that are at the center of any story every day and the big question I ask myself is, ‘What makes somebody do that?’ Nobody ever asks that question and I really get to ask that in a real way. I’m gonna get at that underlying motivation of all the stories every day,” Pinksy, who is board certified in internal and addiction medicine, told us at the “American Idol” party last week.

If Lindsay Lohan steals another necklace or a troubled teen shoots up another school, Pinksy’s show will get into the psychological aspects behind what could’ve made that person do that. “It’s not just celebrity or addiction, it’s a broad news human-interest show with a look at the ‘why?” says Pinksy, who confirmed the show will air at 9 pm.

But that’s not his only new show. His previously-announced daily half-hour daytime show with Telepictures for the CW, “Lifechangers,” is on deck as well for a Fall 2011 debut. “Yeah, one show was not enough,” he jokes. “It’s a very busy year.”

“On ‘Lifechangers,’ we are taking groups of experts and saving people’s lives and giving people at home information they can really use from the experts,” he explains.

So it’s like “Ask Oprah’s All Stars” meets “Extreme Home Makeover?” “Yes, the answer is yes,” he says. “But I don’t want it to be so ridiculous that it’s not meaningful to the average person. It has to be stuff that people can apply at home. Like if you have this problem, whatever it may be – relationship issues, addiction, lifestyle – here’s how we’re going to fix it for this person.”

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