After His Kids Are Seized, Sheen’s Media Blitzkrieg Continues

Charlie Sheen and His 'Goddesses' (Photo: NBC)

Charlie Sheen and His 'Goddesses' (Photo: NBC)

Tuesday night’s special edition of ABC’s “20/20” figured to be the last word in Charlie Sheen’s manic media tour, but there he was Wednesday morning on “The Today Show” on NBC – again!

The impetus for the hastily arranged wee-hours interview on Wednesday: The surprise arrival Tuesday evening of law enforcement officials who took Sheen’s 2-year-old twin boys from his home, acting on a court order apparently obtained by his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller.

Defiant Charlie Sheen Surrenders his Children to Authorities, Vows to Fight for Custody

On “The Today Show,” Sheen appeared with an attorney, Mark Gross. They sat on director’s chairs with NBC correspondent Jeff Rossen that seemed to have been set up on a sidewalk in a quiet intersection somewhere in the residential section of Beverly Hills. The sun had not yet risen in California. Indeed, it was so early there that no cars were seen passing by in the dark street during the more-than 10-minute duration of the live interview.

Sheen’s Twin Sons Are Removed From His Home:

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In the interview – which you can see here – Sheen accused his wife of “irresponsible” parenting in having the children wrested away from him with no prior notification (or so said Sheen and his attorney). He implied that Mueller wouldn’t pass a drug test of her own. He also said that, at that moment, he had no idea where his sons were. He also denied making the threats that Mueller alleges – threats that apparently led her to seek protection from him in court. She reportedly accused him of threatening to cut off her head and mail it to her mother. Sheen said in the “Today Show” interview that Mueller made it all up.

Sheen’s Ex Says She Got Restraining Order Because of Threats

Rossen then turned to the subject of Sheen’s shuttered CBS sitcom “Two and a Half Men,” asking the actor if he could see himself working with executive producer Chuck Lorre ever again, following the many verbal attacks Sheen has made on Lorre over the last few days. “It’s up to him,” Sheen said. “I can’t even get a phone call returned.” Then, oddly, Sheen disclosed that he deleted Lorre’s number from his cellphone under instructions from his attorney.

“Today” Analyst: Sheen Is a “Father in Pain”

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Ironically, the seizure of his children likely took place at around the same time that the long-awaited “20/20” was airing, at least in the eastern and central time zones. It was ironic because Sheen made every effort he could on “20/20” to portray his household as a blissful, wholesome place suitable for raising young children. The hour-long show featured Sheen being interviewed by ABC News correspondent Andrea Canning. The interview, conducted at his home last Saturday, was the first in Sheen’s ongoing media blitzkrieg.

When it was conducted, ABC likely believed it would be exclusive, but that hope was soon dashed when it became apparent that Sheen would say yes to interviews all over the place – from “The Today Show” to “Piers Morgan Tonight” on CNN and even Howard Stern’s Sirius/XM radio show. As a result, virtually all of the interview segments seen on “20/20” were already shown in various parts on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday and Tuesday so that ABC would remain competitive on the story.

That meant that, if you had already watched “GMA,” you likely learned nothing new on “20/20.” Moreover, an entire hour of Charlie talking about his charmed, “winning” life – in which young porn stars double as nannies for his children and bedmates for him – proved difficult to take. In retrospect, he’s far easier to take in smaller doses such as the shorter snippets on “GMA.”

Sheen: I Stayed “Calm,” “Focused” While Surrendering Kids

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Nevertheless, “20/20” drew strong ratings – 9.298 million viewers, according to the Nielsen overnights. That was more than double the number for the previous week in the 10-11 p.m. time period (9-10c). Back then, one of those “What Would You Do?” editions of “Primetime” drew 4.14 million viewers in the time slot.

Meanwhile, the Sheen story took another strange turn Wednesday morning as Radaronline reported that Sheen would appear on David Letterman’s “Late Show” later that night on CBS in an interview to be taped in California, though it was unclear from the story if the supposed interview would be conducted via satellite or Letterman would somehow take a fast jet trip to L.A. to conduct it. Such a scenario would be unprecedented: Letterman has never shown an inclination for conducting interviews outside of his New York studio or via satellite. And sure enough, a press rep for “Late Show” told Fancast that Sheen is not booked for the show.

Just another day in the bizarre world of Charlie Sheen. And it’s only around noon. Stay tuned.

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