Call a Doctor: ‘DWTS’ Cast Reveal Their Biggest Fears

Chris Jericho, Wendy Williams (Photo: ABC)

Chris Jericho, Wendy Williams (Photo: ABC)

We’ve heard of “Dancing with the Stars” contestants’ fears of falling flat on their face or going home first or having a wardrobe malfunction–but the fears of Season 12 truly take the cake.

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So, which “Dancing” star is afraid he’ll have a seizure onstage? (For real!)

Which cast member fears messing up her child’s life?

Which celeb fears all the girlie stuff?

We’ve got the answers straight from the stars at this week’s “Dancing with the Stars” cast reveal event in Hollywood. Check it out:

Kirstie Alley: “My biggest fear is I don’t love costumes and I don’t love hair and makeup, so I think this is a real spray-tan costume hair-and-makeup kind of a deal. I have the girl gene, but not that much.”

Kendra Wilkinson: “The audience. That’s it. Doing a reality show is different than doing a live show like this. So far the rest of the celebrities are making me feel so good, so calm, and comfortable. And that’s how I live my life, so I’m glad we got a good group of people. But, I’m nervous. I am. But that’s a part of it.”

Ralph Macchio: “My endurance and, you know, there are athletes and 21-year-old kids on this show, so physically I’m concerned. I’m gonna try to sell it from here up [i.e., his face and smile] and I’m gonna work hard, pace myself, but I’m not in the best shape I’ve ever been in, so…”

Wendy Williams: “There’s nothing that I’m really fearing, but we have a 10-year-old boy and he’s in 5th grade and we’re down to the last few months of school and he’s done so well, academically, behaviorally. He’s a good citizen all year. 10 is not the same 10 it was when I was 10. They are not innocent. They know a lot and they know how to take advantage of their parents when their back is turned, so that’s what I’m afraid of. My back is going to be turned for a moment. I just want little Kevs to understand, I’m watching you and I will crack your skull.”

Chelsea Kane: “Going home first for sure. I just enjoy it so much already and my biggest fear is not coming across after three weeks of rehearsal. I hope it pays off. I’ll be bummed if I don’t. My goal is to not cry on-camera. I’ve never dealt with being critiqued to my face, so I’m afraid of that. That’s gonna be interesting.”

Chris Jericho: “I’m not really afraid. But to come in and say the dancing is natural I’d be lying. It’s a very different form of expression and I’m doing very foreign things.”

Romeo: “Dancing. [Laughs] No learning the quick step and the cha cha is crazy. I’ve learned lines, but I’ve never done anything like this.”

Sugar Ray Leonard: “You know, I was nervous when I said yes. I said what have I gotten myself into? But now, meeting my partner, meeting the cast, talking to you, I feel good now.”

Hines Ward: “I don’t really have too many fears but the posture and doing the fox trot, you have to be in one position for over a minute and a half, that can be a challenge to a lot of football players, because we’re never in one position for over a minute, that’s why yoga’s hard too. I’m not a yoga guy, but that’s something I have to work on.”

“Psycho” Mike Catherwood: “Seizures. Yeah, so I’m worried about the lighting and stuff. But since I stopped having cocaine for breakfast I haven’t had any seizures.”

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