Sarah Palin on Kathy Griffin: She’s a ‘Has-Been’ and a ‘Bully’

Kathy Griffin, Sarah Palin (Photo: Getty Images)

Kathy Griffin, Sarah Palin (Photo: Getty Images)

Sarah Palin called out Kathy Griffin, daring the flame-haired funnylady to come to Alaska to “pick on” her.

The feisty ex-governor of Alaska, TLC reality star and famed huntress went after Griffin during an interview over the weekend on Jeannine Pirro’s show on Fox News Channel, “Justice with Judge Jeannine.”

Pirro asked Palin for her reaction to the news that Griffin is gearing up for a guest appearance on “Glee” to play a conservative character who “Glee” star Jane Lynch said in a recent interview will bear similarities to Palin. “You know, Kathy Griffin can do anything to me or say anything about me, because you know, she’s kind of this – she’s a 50-year-old adult bully is really what she is,” Palin told Pirro (Watch the video here, on Palin then leveled the ultimate insult at Griffin, labeling her “a has-been comedienne.

“She can do those things to me,” Palin said. “I would just ask for respect of my children. As [Griffin] had stated on CNN that her New Year’s resolution was to destroy my 16-year-old daughter, that takes it a little too far. . . . Kathy, pick on me,” Palin dared her. “Come up to Alaska and pick on me, but leave my kids alone.”

No one has yet seen the Griffin “Glee” episode, but Lynch said of her character, “It’s a Tea Party candidate.” In an interview with “Access Hollywood” last month, Lynch noted that Griffin’s cameo will have her playing a judge at a performance competition.

“She’s amazing,” Lynch said of Griffin. “She wears this very Sarah Palin outfit and she’s very righteous. . . . She’s pretty amazing in it! . . . I don’t think anyone can out-Tina Tina Fey in the Sarah Palin department,” Lynch said, “but Kathy Griffin puts her stamp on her own Sarah Palin character, so it’s great.”

Palin has often feuded with comedians who she feels unfairly target her family. Among other things, Griffin made fun of daughter Bristol’s weight gain during “Dancing With the Stars” last year by labeling Bristol “the white Precious.” Previously, Palin feuded famously with David Letterman after he made a joke that suggested one of Palin’s underage daughters had sex with Yankee star Alex Rodriguez.

There were no reports by midday Monday that Griffin had fired back or responded to Palin’s dare.

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