‘True Blood’: Sookie’s New Love Pentagon

Anna Paquin in True Blood (HBO)

Anna Paquin in True Blood (HBO)

True Blood” is only six episodes into shooting season four and Sookie Sackhouse has already locked lips with two different men and show creator Alan Ball hints that there might be much more than that to come.

We’re not talking about the love triangle of Sookie-Bill-Eric, we’re talking about a potential love pentagon of Sookie-Bill-Eric-Alcide-Sam. Show creator Alan Ball explained to us at this weekend’s Paley Festival in Los Angeles: “Well, I think certainly there’s an attraction [to Eric] that’s there on both their parts and she certainly meant everything she said to Bill at the end of last season. I think it’s going to be really hard for her to forgive Bill and move beyond that and Eric’s there and Eric is available.

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“But things complicate the issue,” he continued. “Maybe something happens to Eric that makes him different from what she knows, and then don’t forget about Alcide and for that matter Sam. I don’t think he’s ever fully given up the torch he carries for her.”

How many does she kiss? “So far? Only two. We’re on episode six and I’m breaking seven and eight, and all of those kisses might not be taking place in reality,” said Ball.

The big question is – Can Sookie forgive Bill for betraying her (refresher: Sookie found out that Bill was ordered by the Queen to seduce her). Anna Paquin told us she’s honestly not sure. “I literally don’t know,” she said. “Me, personally, I think people are flawed. People make mistakes. People do things that maybe in retrospect they wouldn’t have done. Does that mean that you can or should never forgive them? No, I don’t think so. Does Sookie necessarily have the life experience to know that? I don’t know.”

Ball, on the other hand, seems to know. “I wouldn’t use the word forgive. I think things thaw a bit between them, but I would hesitate to use the word forgive. That’s a very strong word,” he said.

Watch a refresher of last season’s finale:

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