‘DWTS’: Who the Heck Is ‘Psycho’ Mike Catherwood?

'DWTS' Partners Mike Catherwood and Lacey Schwimmer (Photo: ABC)

'DWTS' Partners Mike Catherwood and Lacey Schwimmer (Photo: ABC)

He’s known to Los Angeles listeners of KROQ’s “Kevin & Bean Morning Show” as “Pyscho Mike,” where he plays a sidekick role known for doing some kick-butt celebrity impersonations (Gene Simmons and Spencer Pratt, to name a few).

He also works with one of the most famous doctors around, Dr. Drew Pinsky, as co-host of the nationally syndicated love and sex advice call-in show, “Loveline.” But, really, Mike Catherwood is arguably the least known contestant to ever hit the “Dancing with the Stars” stage — and that thoroughly freaks him out.

But after spending some time with this quirky character, he might also be one of the most interesting unknowns to pop up on reality TV in a while.

We cornered him recently to find out about his fear of “the bone phone,” his phobias, and his personal issue with Dr. Drew.

Kudos for pointing out the white elephant in the room on the panel about being the one person who’s not quite as famous as the others.
Look, I made a tongue-in-cheek joke but it’s a reality. I’m far and away the least known dude in the cast.

Does that make you uneasy?
Yeah, it really does. It does, a lot more than the idea of dancing and the crazy costumes … being the lowest guy on the totem pole is the most intimidating part.

You make fun of people on KROQ all the time, are you gonna be able to take it now that you’re out there?
I can take it as much as I can dish it. I know I’m gonna be judged by not just the judges but also viewers who might be, like, he sucks or who is he? But I’m gonna be a big boy and deal with it.

Maybe not read the blogs for a while, eh?
Maybe. Seriously. I’m not so much a fan of the social networks anyway. I don’t know if I’m prepared to be beaten up like that.

You said at the ‘DWTS’ cast reveal event that you’re uncomfortable having your crotch close to your dance partner [Lacey Schwimmer]. Uh, explain.
Yeah, I’m not really comfortable with that. When you slow dance with a girl in 7th grade, you change your direction and it’s embarrassing and you end up with this part of your body far apart. You know? I don’t want to be on the bone phone. There’s an understood biological reaction when you are aroused.

You are the first person I’ve ever interviewed for “DWTS” that has said this.
Yes. What I did for my first rehearsal is I pulled a trick I haven’t used since my first trip to a strip club with a fake ID when I was doubled up on the briefs. I wore two pairs of briefs and the bottom pair is tighter. So I did that. I sized down the bottom one, so there’s heavy amount of compression to the twig and berries.

Wow. Okay. What does Dr. Drew say about this?
He was very much against me compressing that area and thinks there might be some long-term effects to my libido, but I said I’m not prepared to deal with the embarrassment that comes with that.

Being so nervous and, well, admittedly awkward, do you think you can bring the sex appeal needed for this show?
No. I’m bad on that. I can do the moves. I’ll learn the dance. I’ll know my steps. Can I project sex appeal through the camera, probably not. That’s something you can’t fake.

You have more hang-ups than anyone I’ve ever talked to. Why on Earth are you doing it? You can’t say no to a gig?
Yeah, I learned from my radio partner Dr. Drew there’s no job you say no to. [Laughs] He invents channels just to be on more TV. But to be honest, I did want to say no. One reason being my lack of celebrity status. Another is that I get awkward when I’m the focus. I spent a lot of time in my life, when I was a practicing drug addict and alcoholic, running away from anything that scared me, that was different, and I didn’t want to do that this time. I would run away and be submissive to it and for once in my life, I wanted to not be that guy. This is challenging and scary and I’m tackling it.

Awww. Don’t mind me asking, but do you get panic attacks?
No. Seizures.

Ooh, worse.
Yeah, so I’m worried about the lighting and stuff. But since I stopped having cocaine for breakfast I haven’t had any seizures.

How’s it working with Dr. Drew?
Great, but you know, Dr. Drew is totally C-blocking me all the time because all of the girls on the show think he’s so hot. Because not only is he ridiculously good looking and muscular, but he has doctor in front of his name and I have psycho in front of mine. And that’s not a good comparison.

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