‘True Blood’: Is Arlene’s Baby Evil?

Carrie Preston and Todd Lowe in True Blood (HBO)

Carrie Preston and Todd Lowe in True Blood (HBO)

Of all the burning “True Blood” questions following the third season finale – and there are many – the one we really got to the bottom of is what’s up with Arlene’s baby?

This weekend’s Paley Festival in Los Angeles gave us an opportunity to grill the not-so-proud mamma, her baby daddy, and the man behind it all. That would be Carrie Preston (Arlene Fowler), Todd Lowe (Terry Bellefleur), and show creator Alan Ball.

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When does the baby show up in season 4?
Lowe: Pretty early in the season and I don’t want to say why.

Is it a boy or a girl?
Lowe: A boy, played by twins.

So is it a demon baby?
Ball: The baby is an evil flesh-eating fear-eating vampire alien. [Laughs]. No, well that’s the big question — is the baby evil, could a baby be evil? They’re supposed to be innocent, right?
Lowe: I don’t want to necessarily say it’s a demon.
Preston: Arlene comes from a world where she believes in good and evil and the fact that she’s carrying a child that has a serial killer for a father, the child will probably have something that might be wrong with it. In her mind, it’s very black and white so that creates some real problems and conflicts and issues. That fear she had definitely grows.

Arlene’s prone to hysterics; her childbirth scene must have been hilarious.
Lowe: Arlene is very much about the histrionics and she definitely is histrionic in her pregnancy.

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Does Arlene have a hard time bonding with the baby because she fears he’s evil?
Preston: Yes, I think so. Arlene is very lucky to have Terry and she doesn’t take that for granted. He is someone who said to her, ‘I don’t care. I will raise that child as my own.’ You don’t let a guy like that go.
Lowe: She doesn’t trust the baby.
Preston: Terry is oblivious to it. Terry loves it unconditionally, but there’s something not right with it.

Will Arlene and Terry get married this season?
Lowe: That will be answered. This show is all about its surprises.

Is it smooth sailing for Arlene and Terry’s relationship?
Preston: Noting is smooth sailing in Bon Temps. That’s the whole name of the game.

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