Y&R’s Josh Morrow on the Newman Family Feud

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Tuesday, the Newman children finally find out whether they are going to get their hands on their money on “The Young & the Restless.” For months, the Newman children have been battling their father, the powerful mogul Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), over what they believe is the mismanagement of their trust funds. Their struggles are really about Victor’s constant attempts to control all aspects of their lives, from who they marry to what careers they pursue. Victor’s son, Nick, only joined the fight when he discovered that his father was lying about his involvement in Skye’s death. Josh Morrow, who plays Nick, discussed the storyline Monday.

Nick has gotten angry at his father in the past and turned on him. But he has always come back. Why do you think that Nick can never truly break away from Victor?
I think at Nick’s core what really, really drives him is family. He always feels like he was cheated out of this normal family life because of the life his parents led. They sent him off to boarding school. Nick has this idea of what family should be. I think he’s always striving for that. His dad as much as Nick is upset with him, it’s still your dad. Nick has got some dad issues. He badly wants his father to accept him for who he is. He’s let him be the person that Nick knows he is. But Victor has other ideas about that. I think Nick just wants to make his dad proud. Victor’s very tough to please, but Nick just wants his dad to love and respect him for who he is. All these things that Nick is upset with his dad about, at the core I think it’s about having your dad love you for who you are. He’s not willing to give up on that. I think he really wants his family to be this nice, normal thing that he’s always wanted to be.

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If Nick and his siblings prevail in the lawsuit, what would Nick do with all his money?
That’s a good question, because that was never something Nick cared about. He knew he had a trust but it didn’t matter to him. He didn’t want it early. He didn’t want it now. He just wanted his dad to be honest with him. Nick knows that at some point in his life, or at least his goal was to, run Newman Enterprises. He wanted that chair badly. None of this stuff was even an issue.  But once all the stuff went down, and the mother of his children went to prison, Nick knows that Sharon (Sharon Case) could never do anything like that. He asked his dad, heart to heart, said, “I need you to not send my daughter’s mother to prison. Just be honest. Let’s fix this.” He wouldn’t do it because that would mean admitting to everybody that he was lying and basically a criminal. So once Nick joined this thing it was like, “All right. I don’t know what to do.” Because I just always assumed I’d run Newman Enterprises. He probably will find something to do with his sister. Who knows? He’s never thought about it. So we’ll see.

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