‘White Collar’ Season 3: Love Triangles, Flashbacks & a Hottie

White Collar” fans are surely still reeling from the season 2 finale last night – Neal and Alex kiss! – but we’re already onto thinking about season 3.

The cast and producers hit the Paley Festival this week to talk shop and surprisingly serve up a lot of season 3 goodies.

No, we don’t know if that smile on Neal Caffrey’s face upon finding the treasure means he’s going back to his old ways. And, no, we don’t yet know what the steamy kiss with Alex on the dock means for his relationship with Sarah. But we do know where season 3 is heading and what’s in store for the characters.

Here’s what we know so far:

*Season 3 411: It’ll have 16 episodes, but the producers want 18. They are reading script one this week, and the first episode picks up the day after the finale. And, a new mythology begins.

*Love Triangle: Hilarie Burton – though not at the Paley event – is back as a regular for at least 10 episodes. “Having her in a relationship with Neal kind of allows him to explore a different dynamic we haven’t seen with him and then when you throw Alex back into the mix, you have a pretty interesting triangle,” says executive producer Marc Goffman.

*Neal’s Big Decisions: “Neal’s got his feet planted in two very different worlds, the past and the now, and he has decisions to make that all revolve around that. Sara being one of them versus Alex from his past. He’s gonna have some decisions to make, but one thing you can be sure of, he’s going to do it on his own terms,” says Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey)

Get an Inside Look at the Finale:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/White-Collar/104035/1825991485/Power-Play/embed 580 476]

*Raising Kate? Yes, Anne Rice is a big fan of the show and yes if she wanted to work on an episode, everyone would be thrilled. But she’s likely not going to be bringing Kate back from the dead. Creator Jeff Eastin said that while they have indeed been chatting with Rice, “she’s dead.” She=Kate. There, done. But maybe Rice will write an episode regardless, we think. “She can write whatever she wants and I’m sure it’ll work in with the show,” says Goffman.

*Flashback Redux! “They are doing another one about Mozzie, a Mozzie flashback episode, but I don’t know much about it,” says Willie Garson. Goffman would only say that they are “definitely looking at doing another flashback. Every one of our characters has such an interesting and funny back-story that we could tell them all. Flashback is a great way to get into it and show that world.”

*Girlie Action: “I know that were are going to be meeting my girlfriend finally, which is exciting. They haven’t cast her yet. My only note was, please let her be hot!” says Marsha Thomason (Diana Barrigan). “I imagine it will be fairly steamy.” Goffman says, “This will happen in the third episode, or early in the season…It will be white hot. We’ll see them a lot together.”

Elizabeth Steps In: “We had a blast with her in ‘Power Play.’ It was fun to bring her in a case and get involved. We want to do a lot more with that. She also has a background in art; that’s where she and Peter met, she was working at a gallery and so we’re going to start to utilize that more,” says Goffman.

Neal & Peter: “The tension between the two is right back where it was, but it’s a good tension,” says Tim DeKay (Peter Burke). “They love each other. But the more you care about someone, the more compartmentalized it can become and the need to trust them implicitly becomes greater.”

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