Tarantino Wants ‘True Blood’ Producer’s Noisy Birds to Shut Up

Quentin Tarantino, Alan Ball (Photo: Marc Ausset-Lacroix/David Livingston/Getty Images)

Quentin Tarantino, Alan Ball (Photo: Marc Ausset-Lacroix/David Livingston/Getty Images)

In a battle pitting one Oscar-winning screenwriter against another, Quentin Tarantino has sued “True Blood” executive producer Alan Ball over Ball’s noisy birds.

The suit was filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court by the same combative (and apparently very busy) Hollywood attorney – Martin Singer – who’s representing Charlie Sheen in his lawsuit filed on the very same day against Warner Brothers.

Unlike Sheen’s suit, however, Tarantino’s has little to do with show business and more to do with one neighbor’s alleged inconsideration for another. In a nutshell, Tarantino is claiming that Ball – whose house is situated “below” Tarantino’s (perhaps in one of L.A.’s hillier neighborhoods), according to this court filing – is ruining Tarantino’s concentration and leaving him unable to write, which is, of course, his livelihood. What’s disrupting Quentin’s flow? He says it’s the “pterodactyl-like screams” of Ball’s pet birds – macaws, according to the court papers – which Ball keeps in his backyard, where they emit their screams for seven or eight hours a day, Tarantino says.

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“The exotic birds’ squawking, which occurs daily and continues over a span of seven to eight hours each day, is injurious to Tarantino’s health and offensive to his senses such that it obstructs Tarantino’s free use of the Tarantino property and interferes with his comfortable enjoyment of life,” the lawsuit says.

The papers describe Tarantino’s attempts to get Ball to correct the situation without resorting to legal action, but apparently the birds are still screaming.

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Tarantino won his Oscar for writing the screenplay for “Pulp Fiction.” Ball won his for writing “American Beauty.” In addition, the two have each dabbled in vampire themes – Ball, in his HBO series “True Blood,” and Tarantino in “From Dusk Till Dawn,” the 1996 film he wrote.

These two have much in common – can’t they please just get along?!

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