‘Parks & Rec’: Are Leslie & Ben Pawnee’s New Power Couple?

Amy Poehler and Adam Scott on Parks & Recreation (NBC)

Amy Poehler and Adam Scott on Parks & Recreation (NBC)

Move over, Chris (Rob Lowe) and Ann (Rashida Jones). A new power couple is emerging in Pawnee on “Parks & Recreation” and it’s the season-long talked about pairing of Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott).

“The majority of [Leslie’s] storyline for rest of the year is about her and Ben. It’s a slow burn, but there’s a lot of intrigue. We refer to it in the writers’ room as the romance of the day romance, like it’s a quiet slow progression,” executive producer Michael Schur told us at the Paley Festival in Los Angeles this week.

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How they actually hook-up -i.e., who makes that all-important first move, is a bit more vague. “I don’t know that there is a quote unquote first move,” he said. “I would say that Leslie is not a shy person. She’s not a shrinking violet and I’ll leave it at that.”

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However, Scott threw off the potential, saying, “I don’t even know if we know that they’re going to get together or not, who knows?” Poehler added, “What’s very fun about the show is that the writers treat the characters with a lot of respect. Everybody reacts in a human way. So in the real world, if there’s a guy you work with you’re interested, you kind of spend time figuring out if it’s the right person and if they’re your friend or boo, do you stay or go? It’s a nice complicated complex relationship.”

But are they the new Power Couple of Pawnee? “I can’t confirm or deny that statement,” laughed Poehler. “Ha! That’s funny! I think they could be a power couple, totally. They are into sexy things like paperwork and bureaucracy and numbers,” added Scott.

Might this romance bring out a saucy side of Ben? “We’ll see. I think that if Ben had a fetish, it would be like corduroy jackets or PBS. Not sure there’s a freaky side to him yet,” Scott said.

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