‘Celebrity Apprentice’: New Lips Can’t Save Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna on Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Lisa Rinna on Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Things we learned from week two of “The Celebrity Apprentice”:  1)  Don’t mess with Star Jones.  2)  Donald Trump prefers smaller lips.  3) Sometimes, even rock stars cry.

Couldn’t make it through all two fun-filled hours?  Let’s get you caught up…

Project Managers: Meat Loaf steps up for the men, while a reluctant Lisa Rinna is pressured to lead the backstabbing women.  “We chose Lisa because we knew she wouldn’t be able to handle it,” NeNe Leakes reveals in a testimonial.  “We just thought the best thing to do was to get her out now.”  Ouch!

The Task: Each group must write a children’s book based on one member of their team, then perform it to an audience of 4 and 5 year-olds.  That seems simple enough until Lisa suggests including a deaf character.  “Children are not ready for that,” Dionne insists.  And just like that, the music legend has made her first enemy – Marlee Matlin.

Dueling Divas: The women agree to base their story – about a lion who has lost her ability to roar — around LaToya Jackson.  Star Jones writes the story then demands that she get her own, individual writing credit, which prompts Dionne to ask for a “conceived by” credit.  Lisa refuses to give in and thus another war begins.  “I have been in the entertainment business for 25 years and I have never seen such attitudes,” Marlee says through her interpreter.

Men Behaving…Better: After a brief spat between Meat Loaf and Gary Busey – and let’s be honest, we all tune in for the fights – Team Backbone gets back on track and creates its story around rapper Lil Jon.  “Lil Jon is going to a brand new school / He’s afraid the other kids won’t think he’s cool…”

Storybook Ending? Holly Robinson Peete, last season’s runner up, is brought in to help judge the final products.  Both books are cute and the kids are amused (except for a few who look downright terrified when the men begin rapping and throwing confetti).  In the end, the judges nit pick Meat Loaf for his reading, and the women for their choice of fonts.

Duh, Winning! Backbone gets the ‘W.’  Meat Loaf begins to blubber like a school girl when Trump gives him $20,000 for his charity, Painted Turtle, which enables chronically ill children to go to camp.

The Boardroom: Star tells Mr. Trump “We have to figure out how to relate to each other better.”  Translation:  “Lisa Rinna will not just listen and do as I say, so I shall now use my lawyer-like tactics to manipulate and chew her up.” Lisa invites Dionne and Star to stay for what should be a classic showdown, but instead of fighting back, she rolls over and admits, “I guess I crumbled under the pressure.”  Star sees her opening and goes in for the kill:  “You were scared.  You led in fear, rather than from a position of knowledge.”  Trump, not wanting any blood on the boardroom floor, puts the red carpet maven out of her misery.  “Star is playing you like a child,” he tells her.  “Lisa, you are project manager.  Your team lost.  Everyone thought you should go.  Lisa, you’re fired!”

Random Icky Compliment: Trump did have a few more uplifting words for Rinna before placing her head on the chopping block.  “I like Lisa’s lips a lot better now than I did a year ago,” he announced in the boardroom.  “You are so much more beautiful.”  Harry Hamlin must be relieved.

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