Deep Soap: A Kiss, A Wedding, And An Attempted Burglary

Paging Dr. Freud

I find it hilarious that the big issue on “The Bold & the Beautiful” is that Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) did not immediately tell Ridge (Ron Moss) that Thomas (Adam Gregory), her former step-son who definitely thought of her as a mother figure, kissed her. Now that the word is out about the secret scandalous airplane kiss, I would think the issue would be that Thomas lusts after the woman who raised him for a big part of his truncated soap childhood. It’s not about adultery. It’s about a guy who might need therapy. Yet somehow, all the Forresters think that this is about cheating. Taylor (Hunter Tylo) is convinced that Ridge’s remark that if Brooke made any more mistakes he’d leave her was legally binding, and has started planning their next wedding. Stephanie (Susan Flannery) is concerned that Brooke is relapsing into her skanky ways. Ridge is only concerned about Thomas putting the moves on his wife, and punished him by taking away his fashion line. Although the initial build to the kiss was heavy on the Freudian overtones, now it’s being played as typical soap cheating. Granted, people sleep with their step-parents with frightening frequency on soaps. But usually they involve young adults and a parent’s hot new spouse.  This is a lot different than, for example, Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Diane’s (Maura West) relationship on “The Young & the Restless.”  I suppose we’re supposed to think of the Forresters as similar to 18th century European royalty, with near incestuous relationships as par for the course. I also suppose that now that Thomas has moved on to an appropriate and interesting potential relationship with Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd), the storyline is truly going in a different direction and the writers have decided taboos exist for a reason. Brooke even has a new soccer mom hairstyle that makes her look like less of a MILF. But shouldn’t crazy Pam at least suggest that Thomas spend a little time on a shrink’s couch dealing with his Mommy issues?

“The Bold and The Beautiful” Sneak Peek:

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Happily Ever After?

Normally, I am opposed to grey haired, middle aged men being romantically paired with women who still might get carded at bars, but “All My Children’s” Tad (Michael Knight) and Cara (Lindsay Hartley) have won me over. Their green card marriage – and, especially, their faux honeymoon was so sweet and funny that I am praying that they are the romantic end game.  From their post-wedding dance, to Tad waking up with pins and needles after spending the night on the couch, it was pitch perfect. I love storylines about marriages of convenience turning into the real deal, and I hope that’s where AMC is headed. Forget the Cara/Jake/Amanda triangle. Cara has brought Tad back to life. Knight seems positively giddy in his scenes with her. This is the man who made every woman in Pine Valley swoon.  Years of dark storylines that turned Tad from a cad into a real jerk damaged the character. Seeing him do the right thing, even if it’s technically breaking the law, has restored his integrity. Cara, like Tad’s great love Dixie, is level headed and compassionate. She is smart enough to match wits with him. Cara was obviously originally intended to be a spoiler for Amanda and Jake’s relationship. I’d rather see Jake (Ricky Paull Goldin)realize that if he really cares about Cara, he should steer her towards the man who will actually make her happy: his brother.

Breaking & Entering

My favorite scenes on “General Hospital” last week had nothing to do with Brenda or the Balkan. It was a blast watching Robin (Kimberly McCullough) and Patrick (Jason Thompson) break into Johnny’s hotel room in the hopes of finding the incriminating syringe that would prove Lisa tried to kill Robin. After months of watching their repetitive arguments about Patrick’s infidelity, it was refreshing to watch them working together as a team. When they got busted by Johnny (Brandon Barash) and Lisa (Brianna Brown), Patrick hilariously asked, “So why are you trying to protect the woman that’s dismantling Robin’s life? What does she have on you? Can’t be sex. It’s not very good. Regrettably, I know that.” That was unfair, since he certainly seemed to enjoy it at the time, but given everything that Lisa has done, the low blow was understandable. Johnny hit back: “You know what? I am so sick of you painting the same tired picture that Lisa is the whack job, and you are the perpetual victim…You’re trying to run her out of town, you’re trying to get her fired, all because you can’t face the role that you played in destroying your perfect marriage.”

Best of all, their breaking and entering actually led to a breakthrough for Patrick and Robin. She realized that Johnny was right.  “Look, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to minimize or excuse any of the crazy things Lisa has done. But it’s true. I mean, when we’re spending all of our time focusing on Lisa, then we ignore the mistakes that we’ve both made in our marriage. Notice that I said both.” Praise the soap Gods! If there were any GH justice, their reconciliation would be a major storyline, not a C-plot that will be squeezed in between all of the impending tragedies.

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