Glenn Beck Goes on Vague Rant About Future with Fox

Glenn Beck (AP Photo/Mike Mergen)

Glenn Beck (AP Photo/Mike Mergen)

Glenn Beck has nothing but praise for his current Fox News boss, Roger Ailes, despite the fact that industry talk puts the host’s future on the network up in the air.

Returning from vacation, Beck finally responded to a New York Times article reporting on the possibility of his contract not being renewed by Fox, according to the Huffington Post.

“Yes, my contract is at the end of the year. Contracts do that,” Beck told his audience. “My admiration for the people that work at Fox and the people that have built Fox cannot be overstated.”

Is Fox News Getting Rid of Glenn Beck?

However, those hoping to hear that Beck would remain on the air with Fox News were left deciphering his vague rant on the future of his platform. While attacking the Times for its article, Beck alluded to “change” being a possibility. “The only thing in life that is constant is change.”

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And so while things, and I don’t know which, will change, all things do, but I know that we’ll continue to find each other,” Beck said, adding that everything from the Internet, books and movie theaters were options.

Beck’s Ratings Decline While Fox Tops Overall

The Times original article mentioned that Beck’s extreme messages and opinions were leading the Fox News bosses to re-evaluate their relationship with the host, but that didn’t stop him from continuing to make controversial comments about the recent tragedies in Japan, inferring that the recent earthquakes and tsunami could have been a “message from God.”

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