‘Real World’ New Orleans Cast Members Arrested After Bar Fight

(Photo: Mugshots/Radar)

(Photo: Mugshots/Radar)

Two former “Real World: New Orleans” cast members were arrested over the weekend after an altercation with a Florida nightclub bouncer RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

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Jemmye Carroll and Ryan Knight were at a bar on Saturday night in Panama City Beach, Florida where Carroll claims a bouncer gave her a black eye and the two former cast members were arrested and taken to jail.

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“went 2 jail Bc a security guy punched me black eye from a grown a** man yet the police arrest me This is y women are to scared 2 go 2 cops,” Carroll posted on her Twitter account.

“About to own PCB…. F**ked with the wrong bitch….& yes @KnightRW24 went to jail for defending me.”

RadarOnline.com confirmed with the Bay County Jail that both Carroll and Knight were arrested on Saturday, March 12 at 7:54 p.m. for disorderly conduct.

Knight got on his Twitter account to talk about the incident, saying: “Got jumped because some f**king bouncer hit @JustJem24. I got him but didn’t go so well for the 3on 1.”

Carroll also posted photos of herself with a black eye, calling it “proof” that the bouncer hit her.

“My eye looks ridiculous this morning….. I legit might kill this dude…..,” Carroll wrote.

“& yes I smiled in my mugshot… why?? Bc I’m a fucking badass…..

After being bailed out later that night by a friend, Carroll posted a photo of her mug shot bracelet online.

“Mugshot bracelets are the hottest new accessories…. Rockin my ish for life,” Carroll wrote.

Carroll and Knight starred on Season 24 of “The Real World in New Orleans” that aired last fall.


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