‘General Hospital’s Jonathan Jackson on Jake’s Life-Threatening Accident

Jonathan Jackson (ABC)

Jonathan Jackson (ABC)

Thursday, March 17th, is the start of a must-see storyline for”General Hospital” fans. When Liz and Lucky’s son Jake is hit by a car, they, and Jake’s biological father, Jason, experience every parent’s nightmare. The little boy is seriously injured and might not survive. It’s a tragedy that will impact numerous lives.

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Jonathan Jackson, who plays Lucky, reveals how this tragedy might bring Liz and Lucky together, when Lucky will learn that Aidan is his son and shared why he is glad that Becky Herbst is staying with the show.

How does Lucky find out about the car accident?
Lucky is with Siobahn (Erin Chambers) and he gets a phone call that Jake has been in an accident and he has to rush to the hospital and he doesn’t know what the results of the whole thing will be. So that’s kind of what he’s faced with, is the unknown of whether his son is going to be okay or not.

Does Lucky realize away that it’s a hit and run? Will he be involved in the investigation?
Not right away. The initial thing is just rushing to the hospital and dealing with that situation. But as things progress, they’re developed a suspect list, and stuff like that. He has to sort of approach it as a detective and a father and deal with the intensity of that whole situation.

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How is this situation going to impact Lucky’s relationship with Liz and with Siobahn?
That’s definitely part of the whole drama. I think whenever a child is in danger, even if the parents aren’t a couple anymore, there’s going to be a very deep emotional connection between them for the sake of their child, so it certainly creates a new dynamic for Lucky and Elizabeth and then Lucky and Siobahn sort of get thrown into the a whirlwind based on the seriousness of the situation.

Will Jake’s accident put the plans for Lucky and Siobahn’s green card marriage on hold?
All of it is occurring in the same time frame, so that’s definitely something that they have to look at in light of everything that’s happened.

Elizabeth is awaiting the results of a paternity test. Will she and Lucky learn that Aidan is actually Lucky’s son during this crisis?
There may be stages of how that comes out. That’s definitely a part of the story. But in terms of how much is revealed and to who, all that is stuff that we’re sort of in the middle of right now.

Lucky and Jason have a complicated relationship. How does this tragedy impact the two of them, and the peace that they’ve forged?
They’re on opposite sides of the law, and yet they have a mutual respect for each other.  They share Jake in a very unique way. I think Lucky has a lot of respect for Jason’s (Steve Burton) relationship with Jake. The only reason he gave his son up to Lucky and Elizabeth to raise is because he wanted his son to be safe. It wasn’t parental negligence or selfishness on his part. It was truly out of love for his son.

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What are your favorite moments in this storyline?
Just walking through the intensity of it with Becky and Steve, walking through with fellow actors is sort of the thing I feel really blessed to be a part of. There’s a lot of powerful father-son moments between Luke (Tony Geary) and Lucky. There’s a lot of stuff with Elizabeth and Lucky obviously. A lot of characters are brought together in this kind of circumstance. So I can’t really pick one particular thing. There really have been a lot of moments between those relationships on the show and those characters that have been really powerful.

Jake is simultaneously a Spencer, a Weber, and, though few know it, a Quartermaine. Will this storyline bring the entire cast together?
I think they are pretty actively connecting the present show with the history. I think there’s more and more of that happening.

Is there a possibility that eventually Liz and Lucky will find their way back to each other?
Honestly, I have no idea in terms of where the show is going with that, but from my little subjective corner, I think that’s absolutely a possibility. I think the connection with the fans is pretty strong with the history that’s there. It’s a great romantic situation right now. There’s a lot of people who are really excited about Lucky and Siobahn and then there are a lot of people who are very excited about a potential reunion with Lucky and Elizabeth. So that’s a good place to be in terms of having that kind of romantic conflict.

You’re a father. Is it difficult acting out a scenario that is every parent’s greatest fear?
It’s not fun, in general, I think for any of us to approach a storyline where a child is in danger like this. For me, I’m able to disassociate my approach to the drama of the story from my own life in different ways. But it’s still really heavy. I’ve come home from work quite a few days over the past month just pretty exhausted and drained just from the emotional and physical that it takes to walk through a lot of that, but I tend not to overly use my own personal relationships when it comes to accessing emotions or drama. I tend to focus more on the spiritual nature of the scenes and take it more from a place of prayer as opposed to trying to siphon off my own personal relationships. I know a lot of people approach it that way and I think there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. I just don’t really like using my kids to access something for a performance.

The show was going to write off Liz – and Becky Herbst – then reconsidered. What happened? Was the character saved in response to the public outcry?
I think a lot of people are looking for specific reasons why, and I don’t think there’s really one, particular reason. I think it was just a set of unique circumstances. I’m just really grateful that it turned out the way it did. There’s so many of us that were disappointed with the original situation. The fact that it changed, we’re all pleased and excited about that. Honestly, I think there were determining factors, many of which I didn’t even know, going into it. I’m the kind of person that, I don’t really need to seek out all the details of why something happened. It’s just sort of a blessing that I’ll take.

GH just aired the big Sonny and Brenda wedding, and hit number one in the ratings in the most important demographic. Now you are embarking on this powerful storyline. Is there a sense on the set that you are all kicking butt?
No, not really. As the actors, it’s just day to day work. I think we’re all just really focused on doing the best that we can and putting everything that we have towards what we’re doing. Really, doing some interviews is the first time I’ve heard about where the viewership is. When we do hear the show is doing well, it’s great. That encouraging and it’s wonderful but it doesn’t really sway us on a day-to-day basis. We try to do our best regardless of the outcome and that’s up to factors that are above and beyond the day-to-day work.

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