Larry King Still Not Cool with Piers Morgan

Larry King (AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

Larry King (AP Photo/Peter Kramer)

Larry King hasn’t gotten used to watching Piers Morgan in his old seat on CNN. The former talk show host threw another jab at his CNN successor.

“It’s like watching your mother-in-law go over a cliff in your new Bentley,” he said of “Piers Morgan Tonight” while appearing on Access Hollywood.

King made no secret that his pick to succeed him was never Morgan, but Ryan Seacrest.

“The only time I’d seen Piers Morgan was on “America’s got Talent.” I’ve met him, I like him – he’s a nice guy. He does a nice show. I’m not criticizing,” King said.

King said he misses the show at times. “There are days, when you have a terrible thing, like Japan happening, Libya, the events in Egypt, you want to be there,” he said.

“The Kardashians – you could miss that one.”

Larry King to Join “The Daily Show”?

And…speaking of comedy, folks, King said he’s recently been talking to Jon Stewart to appear on “The Daily Show” in bits from California that he compared to Lewis Black’s rants.

“Jon Stewart called me – I don’t know if I’m a correspondent – he said, ‘How would you like to be on like every two weeks?’” Larry said. “I’d do my old column. I used to write for USA Today, where I gave extemporaneous thoughts just as they occurred.”

He gave a few sample, er, zingers. “I’d just say, ‘Peanut butter and jelly is better on toast’, ‘If you go to a bank to get a loan and the banker has a mustache, you’re not getting a loan’,” King said.

Then King surprised hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover by saying he’s always done comedy and will tour soon with his own show. His wife Shawn King might open for him, singing. “We’re booked in Oslo, Norway,” he said.

Back on CNN, King’s first special will air May 1 on Alzheimer’s disease.

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