‘The Big Bang Theory’: Kaley Cuoco Says ‘Shenny’ Hookup Won’t Happen

Fans of “The Big Bang Theory” can dream about Penny and Leonard getting back together. Or for Penny and Sheldon to hook up. But it’s unlikely their dreams will come true anytime soon, according to Kaley Cuoco, who stars as Penny on the CBS hit comedy. “We know Leonard [Johnny Galecki] is dating Raj’s sister Priya and that’s not changing for now,” she told xfinityTV.com during a promotional interview for her new movie “HOP“. “I think it’s gonna take a little time for Penny and Leonard to get back together. But I do like the back and forth. I think it’s way more realistic that way. Let’s face it, people don’t fall in love over nine years meet on a bridge and kiss. It takes time and there’s hookups and different relationships in between. They’ll find their way back, but it might be a while. Patience, fans.” As for Penny and Sheldon [Emmy winner Jim Parsons] making beautiful together, Cuoco shook her head. “I know fans want that, but that’s just a nightmare waiting to explode,” she said. “No. Shenny is not happening! They’re gonna come this close, but it’s never gonnna happen!” Never?

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