Report: CBS Still Wants Charlie Back, Despite Everything

CBS Boss Les Moonves, Actor Charlie Sheen (Photo: Getty Images)

CBS Boss Les Moonves, Actor Charlie Sheen (Photo: Getty Images)

UPDATE: NBC News is reporting that Charlie Sheen has been offered his job back, although there is no official deal in place yet.

“Sources close to Charlie Sheen tell NBC News, CBS has offered him his job back. Discussions ongoing. Not a done deal,” NBC’s Jeff Rossen said via Twitter.

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Despite all the name-calling and threats of violence emanating from Charlie Sheen for the past month, CBS still wants him back so that “Two and a Half Men” can resume its normal, high-rated run on Monday nights.

That’s the word from several reports Monday morning that insist CBS President Les Moonves is trying to broker a peace between Sheen and the executive producer of “Two and a Half Men,” Chuck Lorre. If such a truce can be negotiated, the stories say, “Two and a Half Men” could get back on track – seemingly as if none of the drama taking place off-camera had ever happened.

The story that Moonves is focused squarely on “winning” back Charlie is originating on, which cites unnamed sources telling the Web site that Moonves is conspiring with top executives at Warner Brothers Television, the studio that produces the sitcom, to try and get Lorre and Sheen together for a meeting.

Who’s the source? That’s difficult to say. Radar, like the other Hollywood gossip site, has established very close ties with Sheen in the weeks since production was halted on “Two and a Half Men” and Sheen went on TV and radio with his various rants against the decision-makers that pulled the plug on his show and his livelihood. Radar even oversaw Charlie’s infamous drug test – the one he allegedly underwent a few days after the suspension was announced and that supposedly proved he hadn’t used any drugs in at least 72 hours.

Is Les Moonves really so hellbent to get Sheen back together with Lorre? CBS won’t say, but it’s no secret that “Two and a Half Men,” TV’s highest-rated sitcom, is a big moneymaker for the network, so there is a financial incentive for bringing him back. But you have to wonder what the conditions would be. Would the network insist he undergo rehabilitation – this time for real, and not in his own home, his self-styled “Sober Valley Lodge”? Let’s come right out and say it: As a rehab program, that was a crock and everybody knows it.

And yet, there’s even another story now about another network – Fox – reportedly meeting with Sheen to discuss a late-night show. TMZ reports that Sheen met with the top execs at Fox TV to “brainstorm” on a number of ideas – as clear an indication as anything else that the TV industry still feels that Sheen represents money in the bank, no matter how irrational he might seem.

Well, at least one person is speaking out about the reality of Charlie’s state of mind – his father, actor Martin Sheen. Not that the man best known as the President of the United States from “The West Wing” seems to know what to do about his son, he is at least stating for the record that he thinks his son is having “psychotic episodes in public.” In an interview with the London Telegraph, the elder Sheen said his son is emotionally immature and “out of control.”

Martin Sheen said he knows this from experience because he was once the same way.

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