‘The Amazing Race’: What Team Are The Redheads Rooting Against?

Jaime and Cara on The Amazing Race (CBS)

Jaime and Cara on The Amazing Race (CBS)

After being U-Turned by Kent and Vyxsin and subsequently eliminated on Sunday night’s “Amazing Race,” it’s no surprise the Redheads (Cara and Jaime) want to see the Goths go. “We don’t feel that they earned their spot,” Jaime said on a joint call Monday. So what specifically provoked their ire? Surprisingly, it’s not that U-Turn…

On watching their elimination:
Jaime: It really wasn’t hard for me to watch because Cara and I had three months to prepare for it. It’s a little harder for fans who are routing for our team, and obviously friends and family.

On Kent and Vyxsin’s surprising U-Turn:
Cara: We’ve always said we wouldn’t look poorly upon another team for using the tools that “The Race” affords you. That’s the way the game is played. I think more than anything, Kent was just taking forever to do it. We were like, “Dude, just do what you’re gonna do!” We just tunnel-visioned, and luckily we did it extremely quickly, so it really was just a blip.

On the difficulty of Sunday’s challenges:
Jaime: Having been a team that has survived an entire “Race” the first time…And Cara and I are both very competitive by nature – for being girls we are just as tough as some boys. But it was truly the most miserable day – the last day – of my whole life. And I would not toss that out lightly, having been a former police officer, where I worked the night shift for a couple years, and my dad was a Green Beret. In thirty-two years I have never been as miserable as I was at that time.

Normally I’m not a whiner. Cara and I, the first time [on “The Race”], we wouldn’t waste our money on things like food because we’ve seen teams be eliminated from running out of money. So we’d been really frugal. We didn’t realize it was going to be a four-day leg, otherwise we would have probably spent a little bit to nourish ourselves and try to get strength. But after choosing the solar panel challenge – and they were so heavy, up six flights of stairs, there were three cases – that expended a lot of our energy after four days of no sleep and no eating. And then to go to that dinosaur challenge -it took me four hours to do it – my shoulders were burning and I was utterly exhausted at that point.

Sometimes when you watch the show it’s difficult to realize how hard a challenge is. You don’t realize how much time passes. For example, when we stopped for gas, that was an hour-long detour. People probably thought we pulled off for five minutes.

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On who they’re rooting for:
Jaime: We’re obviously not rooting for Kent and Vyxsin. As soon as we were eliminated, that was the only team we felt strongly about: As long as it’s anyone but Kent and Vyxsin. We obviously didn’t think they deserved to still be there. When we checked into the Pit Stop in China, we were like, We all clawed, like tooth and nail, to get to that Pit Stop. They should have been there. We don’t feel that they earned their spot. And it was such a brutal race this time around that we honestly felt that whoever made it to the end had earned it.

Cara: This is the worst part for me: We understand that they didn’t want to tell about their penalty. But quite frankly the reaction to their thirty-minute penalty was, What?! That’s completely inadequate, considering they had eleven hours to get themselves to the plane. But what really upset me – and I literally didn’t know while we were standing on the mat being eliminated – was that they had lied about the reason they never made it to the plane – that their car had broken down. That story really made me mad. I was truly shocked and upset because I try to see the best in everyone, and I was literally sitting there with other teams saying, “You know what guys? It’s not their fault. I know how it feels. It’s out of their control. We can’t hate on them for that. It wasn’t their fault.” But, in fact, it was entirely their fault. They just couldn’t figure it out. It made me feel more compassionate to their experience, and I felt bad they’d spent eleven hours dealing with this broken down car. Then to find out it was just their own incompetence really frustrated me.

On what’s going on in their lives now:
Jaime: We’ve had a lot of changes in our lives. The first time I came back, I had just ended an engagement and moved back from where I was living, and I didn’t yet have a job because I’d left my job. I figured out what I wanted to do, and after “The Race” ended, Cara and I both got the offer to do Playboy. Cara was in law school at the time and decided that it wasn’t the best choice for her down the road, but she supported my decision to go ahead and do it.  So I became a Playmate. From that moment on, life has just been a whirlwind of travel, and nothing like my life before. And Cara is like Wonder Woman!

Cara: I came home and took my first final exam for my law school semester two days later. Two days after that I took another, then two days after that another. I literally came back to my final exams, I work full-time, and I also got married since the last Race. My poor husband! I do exist! But I’m not sure he sees me very often.

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