‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Chyler Leigh: Lexie Wants Jackson But Loves Mark

Lexie Grey has a high class problem: too many hot men in her life. When “Grey’s Anatomy” returns from hiatus this Thursday, the doctor with the photographic memory will find herself torn between her past with Mark, and her steamy new romance with Jackson.  When we last saw Lexie, she and Jackson (Jesse Williams) were having sex in her shower.  In this week’s episode, “This is How We Do It,” their relationship turns out to be more than a one shower stand.

Chyler Leigh, who plays Lexie, reveals, “It’s new. It’s exciting and refreshing. There’s not anymore shower scenes, but you do see a little more of Lexie and Jackson.” She thinks that the two residents, who both have experienced the pressure of being compared to the other doctors in their families, are drawn to each other because of what they have in common. “They’re both in the same place in their lives and career and they want the same things. They care about each other. They confide in one another and they have fun with one another so it’s definitely all the reasons and all the making of a potentially great relationship.”

Watch A Sneak Peek From “This is How We Do It“:

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There’s only one problem: Lexie’s ex, Mark (Eric Dane). Lexie has been emphatic that she cannot be with him because he is having a child with Callie (Sara Ramirez), but her heart may not agree with her mind. Leigh explains, “The only thing that hangs in the air is that Lexie, she still loves Mark. There’s a love between them that I don’t think will ever genuinely go away. They have a history and a past and a connection that is definitely something that ties them together.”

She is not sure whether over the longterm Lexie will be able to get past her issues with Mark. “Whether or not their time is now, I don’t know. Whether their time is later, I’m not exactly sure where that whole thing is headed. But I know it’s definitely going to get very complicated.”

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