Ouch! Did George Lopez Really Say That About Kirstie Alley?

by | March 23, 2011 at 5:29 PM | Dancing With The Stars, Lopez Tonight, RealityTV, TV News

Did George Lopez really go there? In talking about Kirstie Alley‘s surprisingly energetic, coordinated, and downright decent cha-cha on the season premiere of “Dancing with the Stars,” the “Lopez Tonight” host zinged the actress’s physique. “She did a nice job, her little hooves tapping away,” he said. “Before the show she went to the market, then she had roast beef, and this is her going all the way home.” Then he squealed like a pig. Ouch. Of course, Lopez referred to Wendy Williams as “a male,” chided Kendra Wilkinson for “picturing the audience picturing her naked,” and praised former “Karate Kid” Ralph Macchio. “He cut a mean rug, then he took the rug he cut and glued it to his head.”

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