‘The Good Wife’ Turned Upside Down by Kalinda Shocker

Scott Porter and Archie Panjabi of 'The Good Wife' (Photo: CBS)

Scott Porter and Archie Panjabi of 'The Good Wife' (Photo: CBS)

Kalinda had a feeling something bad was going to happen last night on “The Good Wife.” She was right.

In the closing moments of the CBS drama, viewers learned something that will throw the world of the series upside down. Alicia (Julianna Margulies) has managed to patch things up with her husband Peter (Chris Noth) after his dalliances with prostitutes that started the show. He is on the brink of winning back his old state’s attorney job. Alicia is thriving at work and has made a real friend in investigator Kalinda (Archie Panjabi).

***Spoiler Alert***

But Kalinda has been keeping a secret that can ruin all of that. (AGAIN, SPOILER ALERT) After a season of poking around by Kalinda’s menacing rival Blake (Scott Porter), he revealed that why Kalinda changed her name wasn’t as important as how there was so little evidence of it.

Peter helped Kalinda cover it up when she worked for him at the state’s attorney office –- and she slept with him. Heads, begin reeling now.

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The episode “Ham Sandwich” was framed by a grand jury hearing -– the title comes from the notion that a Chicago grand jury would indict a ham sandwich -– that was a continuation of the rivalry between Kalinda and Blake, which included him framing her for beating up a witness to help Lockhart/Gardner win a case.

Alicia also assisted on a divorce case for drug kingpin Lamond Bishop (Mike Colter) that was, er, resolved, when his wife overdosed –- and it looked like Lamond was behind it.

And if that weren’t enough, viewers also learned what Blake has on Will Gardner (Josh Charles) the firm’s partner. It turns out Blake helped cover up Will’s theft at his old firm, a debt that Will said he has repaid, but information that Blake looks poised to use as it suits him.

Creators Robert and Michelle King told Entertainment Weekly they’ve been planning the Peter-Kalinda shocker from the beginning.

So how does a “Good Wife” deal with learning her husband had an affair with her new best friend? Will they need to change the show’s title?

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