Fox News Isn’t Biased, FNC Newsman Tells Jon Stewart

Bret Baier, Jon Stewart (Photo: Fox News/Comedy Central)

Bret Baier, Jon Stewart (Photo: Fox News/Comedy Central)

Fox News anchor Bret Baier was forced to go on the defensive Thursday on “The Daily Show” when Jon Stewart opined that all of FNC’s programming is biased and opinionated.

Stewart was including Baier’s own show, “Special Report” (seen daily at 6 p.m./5c), in his assessment even though, for most people, “Special Report” – along with some of FNC’s other newscasts such as “The Fox Report” with Shepard Smith, for example – comes across as a straight-ahead, hard-news show.

But not to the host of “The Daily Show.” When he watches “Special Report,” Stewart apparently perceives a right-wing conspiracy just beneath the surface. “I would not say that Fox’s main thrust is objective news gathering,” Stewart told his guest.

In Stewart’s opinion, whenever news is delivered on FNC, it “is somewhat of a cover for a more political operation that exists underneath it,” Stewart said. He gave no examples of stories he may have seen on “Special Report” that he felt masked a right-wing agenda “just beneath the surface.”

“I’m a news guy. I do news,” Baier said, trying to explain to Stewart, in the simplest possible terms (all one-syllable words), the difference between some of FNC’s shows, in which hosts such as Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly are unabashedly and admittedly opinionated, and other shows such as Baier’s in which the focus is on the same kind of straight news seen on the other news channels, with hard-working journalists reporting from the world’s hot spots.

“We respect the viewers’ ability to discern the difference between the two,” Baier said.

Who won? You decide – after watching the segment right here.

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