‘The Office’ Proposal: A Perfect Marriage Of Laughs And Heart

The Office (NBC)

The Office (NBC)

Michael Scott engineered one of the most touching marriage proposals in the history of television on “The Office” Thursday night on NBC.

The elaborate plan Scott (Steve Carell) devised to ask his girlfriend Holly (Amy Ryan) to marry him made for one of those special scenes that come along only once in a great while. This one was both hugely comedic and deeply heartfelt — so much so that you didn’t know whether to laugh or cry but likely wound up doing both.

The scene was powerful not only for the emotions it conveyed but because of the one-two punches it threw. The first was Michael’s proposal offered amid a hundred or more candles extinguished by a sudden downpour from the office building’s emergency sprinkler system. And the second punch was his exuberant announcement to his shocked staff that he and Holly would soon be leaving them for a move to Colorado. The staffers were stunned, a reaction undoubtedly shared by viewers at home, especially those who have grown to love these “Office”-mates over seven incredible seasons and shared their sudden sense of loss as the realization sank in that they will soon be losing their obnoxious, tactless, vexing and ultimately well-meaning boss.

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Why Colorado? Well, it’s Holly’s home state and, following a particularly difficult phone conversation with her elderly, doddering parents, she now feels a responsibility to return to her hometown to look after them. And with their futures now intertwined, Michael agreed to go with her.

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Michael’s announcement came right after he popped the question to Holly while the entire “Office” staff watched. Undaunted by the sprinklers (but soaking wet), Michael asked Holly, in the Yoda-like language in which they sometimes communicate: “Holly Flax? Marrying me will you be?”

To which Holly answered happily: “Your wife become me will I!”

That’s when Michael turned to the rest of the “Office” workers and announced: “Guys, guys! We’re moving to Colorado!”

To which doofus Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) asked: “All of us?”

The Colorado announcement now sets in motion the story of how Michael Scott will leave the show. The storyline plays out until Carell’s last episode of “The Office” on April 28.

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