‘The Amazing Race’s Margie & Luke: Our Heads Weren’t In The Game

Margie and Luke on The Amazing Race (CBS)

Margie and Luke on The Amazing Race (CBS)

In this season’s most emotional elimination yet,  Margie and Luke Adams were sent packing on Sunday’s “Amazing Race.” The mother-son duo told us via email why their nonverbal communication was an asset, and described the painful four-hour tea quest responsible for their demise.

On watching their elimination:
Luke: I was at my home watching. I knew it would be hard to watch so I didn’t have a viewing party. It was fun to watch first few episodes but it wasn’t easy to watch myself going through the tea challenge. [It was] So heartbreaking.

On the difficulties of the tea challenge:
Luke: It took me four hours to find the right tea! It was not easy. I drank so many teas it made me not feel well, so it was hard for me to keep going. But, I’m not a quitter so I did not want to quit.

Margie: Luke drank tea for four hours – four very long hours. I knew he would finish. I don’t think I have ever seen Luke not complete something he started. He may not always win but he does always finish.

On their regrets:
Luke: I only have one regret — not finding the tea fast enough! I would love to have my mom and I go further on The Race!

Margie: I think we got off to a slow start, we couldn’t find our pace, we had bad luck with flights and did not totally have our heads in the game. We both felt like we were reaching our stride in China, finishing 1st and 3rd but then there was India and tea… Luke was amazing, I never could have drank that much tea.

Watch Margie & Luke’s Painful Elimination:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Amazing-Race-18/141731/1859755550/The-Amazing-Race—-In-or-Out/embed 580 476]

On why they decided to return:
Luke: I’m a huge fan of the show so how could I say no for doing it twice!? Actually Mom and I had a great time on the first Race so we both wanted to do it again. We always have been close so it’s really awesome to do The Race again with her.

Margie: We returned because we were asked, how lucky are we? My relationship with Luke on this race was less of a mother and son and more of partners.

On whether their nonverbal communication was an advantage or a disadvantage:
Luke: HUGE advantage for us! But sometimes it can be disadvantage for us. Like one task where we had to carry the solar box on our back and we couldn’t sign to each other so we relied on each other’s facial expressions. We were still able to understand each other, so that’s good!

Margie: Signing is just normal for us, we don’t know any other way to communicate with each other. Luke driving with me sitting in back unable to “talk” to him was a disadvantage.

On who they’re rooting for now:
Luke: I bonded really well with Mallory and Christina. I really want to see a Parent & Child team to win so I’m rooting for Mallory and Christina.

Margie: We really love every team left on The Race. We would be happy for any of the teams.

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