Not ‘Winning’: Sheen Booed Off Stage in Detroit

Charlie Sheen. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Charlie Sheen. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

For one night at least, Charlie Sheen was certainly not “winning.”

The embattled tabloid star kicked off his 20-city “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option” tour in Detroit Saturday night and ended up getting booed right off stage.

Sheen stood to earn up to $7 million from the shows, which are scheduled to continue Sunday in Chicago.

An hour after being welcomed to the Fox Theatre with a standing ovation, America’s most famous warlock was fending off chants of “refund” and “you suck.”  “Park your voices for one second and pay attention to the man you paid to see,” he told the audience at one point.  “Tell the guy next to you to stop booing because he’s ruining it for the rest of ya.”

Right out of the gate, the actor began to alienate the crowd of 4,700.  “I figured Detroit was a good place to tell crack stories,” he joked.

Watch Sheen Surprise Jimmy Kimmel With A Kiss:

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The largely unscripted program – which included video from a film he wrote for Johnny Depp, some impromptu rapping from pal Simon Rex, the burning of  a “Two and a Half Men” shirt, and a Q&A session where he refused to talk about A.A. – was mostly “an experiment” he told the crowd.

“Is anyone else as confused by this s–t as I am?”

“Sheen’s haphazard act was neither standup nor confessional memoir, despite repeated promises that he was going to dig deep and dish secrets,” wrote one reviewer.  “It was closer to a motivational seminar, but one in which the speaker was also the key beneficiary. Early in the evening, before the crowd turned sour, there was a creepy atmosphere that suggested group indoctrination into a cult.”

Somewhere, Chuck Lorre must be laughing.

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