Meat Loaf Goes Crazy on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Meat Loaf on Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Meat Loaf on Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Who knew Meat Loaf was so protective of his art supplies?

Any other week, Star Jones whispering into Marlee Matlin’s ear from behind might have been the most memorable, brain fart moment of “Celebrity Apprentice.”  (Hello, she’s DEAF!)

People might have been talking about how Donald Trump’s C-List all-stars raised a record $1.6 million for their charities.  Or how embattled baseball star Jose Canseco bowed out of the competition to be with his cancer-stricken father.

But last night was all about  whether the raging rock star would actually tear Gary Busey limb from limb on prime time television.

Watch Meat’s Meltdown:

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It all went down when Trump assigned the teams to create their own individual art projects which would be sold in galleries to raise money for their charities.

Project managers Matlin (A.S.A.P.) and John Rich (Backbone) took their aspiring Picassos to a craft store in Manhattan to pick up supplies.  But when they returned to the studios to “create,” Meat’s paint and sponges had gone A.W.O.L.

Naturally, he assumed Busey had lifted the goods and opened up a profanity-laced can of whoop-ass that made “Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans look like a Girl Scout.

“You look in my eyes. I am the last person in the f–king world you ever want to f–k with!” he yelled. “You pushed me to the f–king limit!”

For a while, it looked like the 62 year-old might give himself a second heart attack.  Of course it turned out the missing items were in a bag in the corner all along.  Awkward!

Meat, who has apparently attended anger management classes in the past, later took Busey aside and apologized.  “I did the wrong thing in yelling at you,” he said.  I am so embarrassed and so upset by it.  I am really, really sorry.”

Luckily, the two stars didn’t have to square off again in the Boardroom.  Although the men lost the task (the women raised $1 million!), Trump decided to make his cut based strictly on fundraising.

Richard Hatch was the weakest link, bringing in only $1,000 and in the end was sent home.  Or as it turned out, back to jail.

But that’s a story for another day.

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