Donald Trump Makes Glenn Beck ‘Uncomfortable’

Donald Trump, Glenn Beck (AP Photo/Alex Brandon/Jose Luis Magana)

Donald Trump, Glenn Beck (AP Photo/Alex Brandon/Jose Luis Magana)

Despite Donald Trump’s best efforts to bill himself as a possible conservative political candidate, Fox News host Glenn Beck isn’t won over. In fact, Beck finds Trump to be a “showboat,” something that makes the outspoken commentator a little “uncomfortable.”

Beck took to Bill O’Reilly’s program last week to discuss Trump’s apparent interest in running for the presidency, and he admitted that America isn’t in a place where it could handle such a big personality in the White House.

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“The last thing this country needs is a showboat,” Beck said. “I would hope we could get serious candidates who could shake things up by not saying provocative things, just by stating the truth of what’s going on.”

In order to keep things in perspective, Beck admitted that the public probably doesn’t want him in office, either. “You don’t want me as President of the United States,” he said before adding, “I don’t know what exactly [Trump’s] strategy is.”

Just this morning, Trump decided to chime in on Fox News, where “Fox & Friends” has taken to calling a new segment, “Monday with Trump.” He spouted off about the current situation in Iraq, and found time to plug “Celebrity Apprentice,” according to

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