Star Jones and Joy Behar Exchange Testy ‘View’-Points

Joy Behar and Star Jones (Photo: CNN)

Joy Behar and Star Jones (Photo: CNN)

Star Jones has written a novel called “Satan’s Sisters” about an all-female TV talk show and she went on a talk show hosted by one of the “Sisters” to promote it.

The show was Joy Behar’s talk show on HLN Monday night. The novel is apparently a roman a clef based loosely (or maybe not so loosely) on “The View,” where Star was one of the participants for nine seasons before leaving acrimoniously in 2006. Her appearance on “The Joy Behar Show” was the first time she and Joy had come face to face or even spoken since Star’s dramatic exit from “The View.”

“Do you miss us at ‘The View’?” Joy asked her.

“I miss the discussion, the hot-topic arguing back and forth,” Star said in the segment, which you can watch here.

“You did leave a little bit angry-ish at the end,” Joy said.

“No, I left dramatically,” Star corrected her.

Yes, it was dramatic. Basically, ABC and Barbara Walters (whose company produces “The View”) did not offer Star a renewed contract for a 10th season and Star announced publicly that she would be leaving the show before Walters had a chance to announce it herself. Moreover, Star said at the time that she’d been fired, and Walters apparently wanted the story spun some other way. So, suddenly Star was barred from the premises for the few days that remained in the season (it was June anyway and the show was about to go on summer hiatus).

On the “Behar” show, Star admonished Joy for not showing any sign of friendship or support, even privately, in the aftermath of Star’s exit from “The View.” “You didn’t call, you didn’t write. They cracked my chest – you didn’t send a flower,” Star said, referring to the open-heart surgery she underwent a year ago.

Joy explained lamely that other people’s ailments upset her and render her unable to respond at such times.

Joy asked Star if she would ever come back to “The View” as a guest. Star said she would, but she doubted she would ever be invited, particularly to talk about “Satan’s Sisters.” Neither she nor Joy mentioned another reason she’ll never be invited: In 2008, when Barbara Walters’ autobiography came out, Star issued a statement calling Walters an “adulterer” who was “in the sunset of her life.” In addition to detailing Walters’ affair with a married United States senator, the book also told some tales of Star that Star didn’t like.

On Tuesday’s edition of “The View,” neither Joy nor anyone else mentioned Star.

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