The Judds Get Personal In New OWN Series

Naomi and Wynonna Judd (OWN)

Naomi and Wynonna Judd (OWN)

After years of public feuding — and countless hours of therapy — Naomi and Wynonna Judd say their stormy relationship is finally on the road to recovery.

“I think women who are 46 and 65, if they are still speaking and they are still doing the things we are doing, then they are doing pretty darn good,” Wynonna tells

“(Our therapist) said ‘It is a true miracle how far you have come and that you are doing as well as you are.’”

The mother-daughter singing team let cameras from the Oprah Winfrey Network get closer than ever to their day-to-day lives for its new docu-series, “The Judds,” premiering April 10.

The duo recently spoke with reporters about the series, which follow them on their first concert tour in ten years.

Preview “The Judds”:

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What compelled you to share some very private moments with the world?
Naomi: I am 65 and feel like I don’t have anything to prove – except to myself.  I want to challenge myself and this is a way to continue to look in the mirror of truth and make sure that I continue to be transparent and work with myself.  The first hour (of the series) is really a little bit of a retrospect because there are a lot of people who were born after Al Gore invented the Internet, who may not know who The Judds are.  But the rest of the series are in your face, raw, moments.

If this show were for Hallmark or CMT would you have done it?
Wynonna: No!

Naomi: When Oprah asked us I was absolutely stunned because it is when it really sank in that she is our friend.  We know this woman!  We don’t just adore her from afar as everyone else in America does.  When we were on her 25th season finale, she said in our intro that we were like family.

You have described this as a docu-series.  But some might call it a reality show…
Wynonna: I almost got into a serious argument with a gentleman over the word “reality TV”.  The very first thing he said to me was “Oh, you, too have sold out!”  And I said  “No, this is a docu-series.  It is unscripted.”  It is my understanding that reality TV is not indeed reality.  It is often scripted by a guy who steps in and says “Let’s do this, let’s speak on this, lets put more emphasis on this.”  Because they want to sensationalize.  When I hear the word “reality” I think of a train wreck.  Not that we haven’t had our own at certain times during the tour.  But we definitely have what I would refer to as more moments of teaching and more moments of celebration than we do “Oh do they really get along?” and “Let’s sensationalize that.”

Do you think you see yourselves as a good or bad example of a mother-daughter relationship?
Wynnona: I think we are real.  I think what people need to know about this show is we are real.  You can go into a video room and make yourself look ten pounds lighter.  You can make a photo look any way you want.  We do not go in to processing our photos.  We want our fans to see who we are and not just what we do.  And this show is so real and so raw that people are going to be surprised.

Ashley is a rabid Kentucky basketball fan.  Is that something that the whole family shares in?  You must be very excited about the Final Four?
Naomi: The game (Sunday) was so exciting with North Carolina!  I was on the edge of my seat.  Ashley – I am just going to give you one quick example – was asked one year to present at the stinking Oscars.  I get a call from Sherry (Lansing), who was the head of Paramount Studios at the time, because Ashley had a contract in a big time movie that said if the UK Wildcats went to the Final Four, which was in San Antonio, that she got out that week.  And it happened to be during the Oscars.  Sherry called me at home and she said “Naomi, is there anything you can do?”  And I said “Heck no, I think it is great.  Life is more important than show business.”  And so she went and we went.

You are two of the most glamorous women in music.  Any quick beauty tips?
Naomi: Do not wear girdles — because then you get the uni-butt!  Think about it.  And obviously don’t wear hose with open-toed shoes.  And the biggie:  don’t match.  My mother dresses from head to toe in the same color.

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