Will You Say ‘I Do’ to ‘Tori & Dean’s sTORIbook Weddings’?

Tori Spelling and Dean Dean McDermott (Oxygen)

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott (Oxygen)

Ready to make way for the millionth wedding-themed reality show to prance down the aisle? Better yet, how about tacking on a pair of celebreality self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneurs” and have them serve as the wedding planners for the show? Well, look no further—the big day is here! Tonight (10pm ET) Oxygen introduces “Tori & Dean’s sTORIbook Weddings.” (Shhh, don’t cry.)

Donna Tori Spelling has come a long way from her days on “90210” and has proven that creativity and a bit of a business flair can keep you in the limelight! And hey, don’t forget: unlike her other not-so-famous-anymore Beverly Hills cast members, she’s also grown an additional appendage by the name of Dean ‘I-Will-Do-Whatever-My-Rich-Wife-Says’ McDermott!

Watch Tori And Dean Talk Pregnancy Rumors With Kathie Lee And Hoda:

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Since the happily married couple have only had the experience of planning parties for friends and family, we wondered if they found it daunting to cater to eight different brides on the show, whose themes ranged from homages to pugs to Marie Antoinette to camels and magic carpets. Surprisingly, Tori revealed it wasn’t the themes that created major challenges but rather, familial interference—and that was across the board.

“The thing that I found was that the brides were being influenced by family and friends a lot,” she said in a recent interview with reporters. “And they all were trying to figure out how to have their dream…but they didn’t know quite how to manage their family and their bridesmaids because everyone wanted what they wanted.”

As for hubby Dean, he kept busy advising and comforting nervous grooms-to-be and also built pieces for each wedding—with the approval of the Missus, of course. When asked about his glued-to-the-hip relationship with Tori, Dean didn’t put up any fronts.

“A lot of people say ‘How can you do it, how can you work so close with your spouse? I mean you’re together all the time.’ We wouldn’t have it any other way. We don’t function well apart,” he openly admitted.

We believe him. And we’ll toast to that.

The season premiere of “Tori & Dean’s sTORIbook Wedding” airs tonight on Oxygen at 10pm ET.

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