Glenn Beck ‘GMA’ Tirade Indicates He’s Not Leaving Quietly

Glenn Beck (Photo: Fox News)

Glenn Beck (Photo: Fox News)

Glenn Beck slammed ABC’s “Good Morning America” and mainstream news media in general in a tirade on his Fox News Channel show that indicated he has no intention of toning down his rhetoric in his final programs on FNC.

“Someone should tell ‘Good Morning America’ to stop investigating me and my situation of . . . what my future’s going to be and maybe start investigating what in hell is happening in our world!” Beck said Thursday on his self-named FNC show. “I’m sorry,” he said, “Is that too gloom and doom for ‘Good Morning America?’”

Beck was referring to the story “GMA” aired Wednesday about the announcement from FNC that Beck’s show will soon end. The “GMA” story – which you can watch here – said Beck’s views were too extreme and too “apocalyptic” for Fox. And the story showed footage of Beck alternately weeping, preaching and barking like a dog on his FNC show.

Beck’s tirade on Thursday – posted on Youtube here – seemed to be an attempt on his part to defend himself. He did so by criticizing “GMA” and, by implication, other “mainstream” media (or, if your Beck and his followers, “liberal” media) for not covering a number of stories in the news with the same passion and emotion that he devotes to them.

“I wanted to use ‘Good Morning America’ as an example,” he said, “because, when these things happen, I want you to clearly remember the people who told you, the same people who told you, don’t worry about Fannie and Freddie. Don’t worry about illegal aliens signing up for loans that they can’t afford. Don’t worry about [a bunch of other stories on hot-button issues and newsmakers such as Obamacare, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico].”

Writing on his famous chalkboards, his speech implied that “liberal” news media such as “GMA” (produced by ABC News) don’t report truthfully on these issues. “Those same people that told you those things then are the same exact people telling you today, Don’t worry. Don’t worry. These things won’t happen!”

Of course, it’s that very same fire-and-brimstone approach with which Beck broadcasts his own views on his show that apparently alienated viewers and advertisers to such an alarming extent in recent months that FNC felt compelled to drop him.

Now, just how many shows Beck has left on FNC remains an open question. His contract ends in December, but he is expected to leave “well before then,” according to this story in the New York Times.

No one has reported an exact date for his departure.

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