‘General Hospital’s Men Brood, ‘One Life’s Women Act

Steve Burton (ABC)

Steve Burton (ABC)

Jake’s Death Only Impacts the Men of Port Charles

I haven’t even finished sitting shiva for “General Hospital’s” Jake yet, and there has already been another death in Port Charles – a death which involves Jason (Steve Burton). While no one will mourn the loss of Brandon, the sleaze who abused and attempted to rape Abby (Andrea Bogart), couldn’t we have at least waited a full month for another possible mob hit? I don’t need to see Jason be a suspect in yet another murder that he did not commit, while he never gets in trouble for the numerous people that he offs. Besides, there are a still a few people that Jason hasn’t lamented to about his pain over losing the child he decided meant less to him than the mob.

You know what I wish Jason had said in one of his brooding sessions about how he gave up his son to protect him only to have him die in a car accident? The sad soliloquies always seems to imply that Jason would have never let anything bad happen to Jake, unlike that negligent Liz (Becky Herbst) and Lucky (Jonathan Jackson). Growing up in the mob, under Jason’s protection, has turned out so well for Michael (Chad Duell), what with being shot in the head, spending years in a SORASing coma, killing someone, going to prison, being sexually assaulted, and dating a stripper whose abusive ex-boyfriend just turned up dead all before graduating high school. I would like to hear Jason say, “If only I had renounced the mob and pursued a relationship with Liz perhaps we could have forged a stable relationship, which would have meant that Liz might not have been so overburdened and tired raising three children by herself while working full time. Then perhaps one of us would have been able to keep an eye on Jake while the other was reading the mail. Then Jake might not have run out in the street, and would still be alive. I now realize how stupid I was to prioritize my great career as a hired killer over raising my child.”

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Speaking of Liz, should I file a missing person report? I have been watching all of the men in Jake’s lives grieve and self-flagellate about his death. Luke (Tony Geary) is wracked with guilt, and in denial about his drinking problem. Lucky is despondent, but focused on getting Luke to admit he was drunk when he ran over Jake. Jason has his box of pain. (It seems that the answer to the longterm repercussions of Jake’s death boils down to: a lot of people are sad, a lot of glass is broken. I hope I get to eat these words in a few weeks when there turns out to be more to it.) Liz, Jake’s mother, his primary caregiver, is MIA. I guess she is not important enough to merit air time. It’s not like she has the results of a paternity test that should prove that Lucky is Aidan’s father or anything else that might be relevant to the story. GH gets slammed a lot for being chauvinist. In my opinion, denying Liz a major role in a story that should be all about her is more egregious than the excessive use of the word bitch.

Lucky is apparently too busy to check in on Liz. But he has time for one woman in his life: Carly (Laura Wright). In a scene that made my jaw drop, he felt the need to apologize to her for saying mean (but entirely accurate) things about her – when she was not present — because he thought that she was the one who ran over Jake. Carly is so special that people need to say they’re sorry even when they haven’t hurt her feelings. I think donating Jake’s kidney to Jocelyn entitles him to snark about Carly behind her back for the rest of his life. Hey, it would be interesting if Liz insisted on being Jocelyn’s nurse because Jake lives on in Jocelyn. But that would mean focusing on two women doing something other than fighting over a man. It will never happen in Port Charles.

“One Life’s” Women Kick Butt and Take Names

An hour earlier, on “One Life to Live,” women have been front and center all week. A trio of mothers blamed themselves for their children’s mistakes, and instead of wallowing in self-pity like the men of “General Hospital”, they took action.  Nora (Hillary B. Smith) blamed herself when she remembered that she saw Matthew in Eddie Ford’s motel room but left the scene. Blair (Kassie DePaiva) blamed herself both for not noticing her son Jack has turned into a bully without a conscience and for losing it and slapping him when he told her that both his target, Shane (Austin Williams) and rape victim Marty (Susan Haskell) were asking for it. Gigi (Farrah Fath) blamed herself for not realizing her son Shane was being bullied and was suicidal.  Instead of just expressing their pain, they actually attempted to do something to help. Gigi also managed to set aside her emotions and listen to Shane who kept saying that he wanted to home instead of seeing a therapist. Rex (John Paul Laviosier) was right that Shane need to be evaluated by a professional. But throwing a huge temper tantrum in front of all Shane’s peers and threatening to sue everybody was not exactly sensitive to his son’s needs. Gigi, who has been written as an unsympathetic bimbo for a long time, was once again rootable. District Attorney Nora is trying to figure out a way she can keep Matthew from being prosecuted without violating her legal ethics. Blair decided she was going to apologize to Gigi, believing that someone needed to do it, and it might as well be her. Then she awesomely busted Jack for sneaking out of the house to talk his minion, and ordered him to his room with nothing but a pencil for company.  It was great to see strong women taking responsibility for their actions. There should be a lot more of that in daytime.

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