‘House’: Why Did Thirteen Go to Prison?

Olivia Wilde and Hugh Laurie of 'House' (Photo: Fox)

Olivia Wilde and Hugh Laurie of 'House' (Photo: Fox)

The anticipation of Olivia Wilde‘s return to “House” as Thirteen brings up so many questions: Why was she in prison? Is she back for good? Does she hook-up with House?

Some of those questions were answered Friday when series creator/executive producer David Shore chatted with the press on a conference call to discuss the 150th episode, titled “The Dig,” which airs Monday, April 11, as well as the status of the much-talked about Season 8.

Thirteen Returns to “House”!

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While he can’t give away the exact reason Thirteen spent six months in jail, Shore said of the episode, “It was all about the reason she was in prison more than the fact that she was in prison. [It’s] obviously a very emotional reason behind it and very personal reason behind it. So we had a wonderful combination dramatically of an ultimately personal reason and a very provocative start to the episode, and then a lovely long mystery.”

The personal reason is anybody’s guess and Shore is understandably keeping tight-lipped about it. “It told us something about her. It connected us deeper to her and it was a lovely little mystery for the episode,” he added.

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As for her return being a good distraction for House in the wake of his break-up with Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein)? That’s a bit fat, “No.”

Shore is hoping that Wilde will be back for Season 8. “That’s also yet to be worked out. I certainly hope we have her. She’s wonderful,” he says.

Season 8, of course, is currently under negotiations amidst an NBC/Fox dispute over who pays for the show going forward. But Shore is hopeful: “I would be absolutely astounded if there wasn’t [another season]. We are working on the assumption that there will be. There is no deal in place, but negotiations are ongoing and Fox wants to have a Season 8. And NBC/Universal wants them to have a Season 8. So, I fully expect there to be a Season 8.”

Robert Sean Leonard, who plays a pivotal role as Dr. James Wilson, Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie‘s) best friend, recently said in an interview that he wasn’t sure he’d be returning. “I don’t want to speculate on what would happen if he didn’t make a deal,” said Shore. “I can tell you he also said in that same article that he’ll probably be back. I’m operating on the assumption that he’s going to be back and negotiations are ongoing. That relationship is one of the cornerstones of this show. That male friendship thing is one of the things I’m proudest of.”

As for Amber Tamblyn‘s role as Martha Masters, we might find out sooner than later if she’s returning. “We’ve got an episode coming up which answers that very question. It’s an Amber-centric episode and it’s after the return of Thirteen. She’s great. The plan was never to have her stay forever, but it became very, very tempting and then we did an episode dealing with exactly that.”

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