‘The Dance Scene’: Lady Gaga’s Dance Diva Lifts the Veil

When E! first announced the premiere of “The Dance Scene,” many reality TV observers sighed, “Not another dance show.” Look what happened to Paula Abdul’s “Live to Dance,” after all. But, “The Dance Scene” is not another competition show with a trophy. Instead, it’s a look behind the scenes at a life of a dancer and what happens before, and after, they get that big break.

More along the lines of a reality version of the 1980s TV drama “Fame” than, say, “So You Think You Can Dance” or “Dancing with the Stars,” the 8-episode “The Dance Scene” centers on star choreographer Laurieann Gibson and her cast of dancers at her dance studio, Boomkack in Los Angeles. (Yes, the same Laurieann Gibson who served as a judge on the ill-fated “Skating With the Stars” last year.)

“With dance competition shows, they get a trophy and that’s it. But for us, it never goes away. What happens after the trophy? What happens after the gig? How did they get there? How do you fight to reinvent yourself in a rapid race? That’s what we’ll show. This show lifts the veil and will open people’s eyes to the brand that made the other brands number one,” Gibson recently told us.

Watch a Sneak Peek:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Dance-Scene/141999/1856960658/The-Dance-Scene/embed 580 476]

By “other brand,” Gibson is talking about the slew of multi-platinum artists she has worked with as choreographer for their tours, music videos, awards’ show performances and more, which includes Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Jonas Brothers, Missy Elliott, Whitney Houston, Nicki Minaj, P. Diddy, and others.

But “The Dance Scene” is not about them. It’s about, as Gibson passionately states, “showing a level of truth and inspiration that the music industry will not reveal to you. There is no artist development in the music industry today. The real artist development, and what the show exposes, is that it begins in the [dance] studio. Go to ‘The Dance Scene’ not to see Lady Gaga, but to see Laurieann Gibson then turn on the Grammys to see what I do.”

And, of course, seeing that it’s on E! and it’s a reality show, you also go to “The Dance Scene” for drama and tears and to hear the tough-as-nails choreographer scream things at her dancers, such as, “Anyone miss a step I’m gonna break your neck!”

“The Dance Scene” debuts on Sunday, April 10 at 10:30 p.m.

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