‘Celebrity Apprentice’: NeNe Blasts LaToya Jackson

NeNe Leakes on The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

NeNe Leakes on The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Let’s face it:  pretty much nothing Donald Trump lobs at us for the rest of the season is going to come close to the sheer entertainment value of last week’s epic Meat Loaf meltdown.

But give NeNe Leaks props for trying.

On last night’s otherwise snooze-worthy installment of “Celebrity Apprentice,” the ballsy Atlanta Housewife opened a fresh can of Georgia whoop-ass on project manager LaToya Jackson – after her team came out on top!

And we quote:

“Don’t you try to act like you the reason why we won, because you are not. I worked my ass off while you sat there and looked like Casper the Ghost. OK? Let’s be clear. Let’s be clear, Casper. You fooled a lot of people, but you have not fooled me. Be gone. Disappear, ghost.  The only reason why you got this far is because of your last name. And you faked it for 50 years. You are very old and you need to play your age, and not 12. You are an old lady.”

Watch NeNe Call Out LaToya In The Scene Below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Apprentice/93269/1876551146/Australian-Gold/embed?skipTo=4032 420 382]

The teams were charged with creating an outdoor display for a brand of Australian suntan lotion that apparently is also an aphrodisiac for Gary Busey (please don’t make us explain).

The men, led by Mark McGrath, came up with an elaborate pirate theme that was executed without a hitch – except for the part where Busey tried to pitch himself to company execs to become the brand’s new spokesperson.

The women seemed content to let LaToya hang herself.  Problem is, she is too whacky to figure out how!   First she wanted a beach theme (with 6,000 pounds of sand!) and then decided to include a skiing set up, complete with fake snow.  Her only consistent plan of attack:  “Make it fun.”

So color us shocked when the half-baked scheme worked!

Actually, it turned out the company execs hated the whole Jack Sparrow concept and decided to reward Team A.S.A.P. for being, well…not as bad.

In the boardroom, head buccaneer McGrath said he would walk the plank if his team lost, but abruptly changed his mind when the rest of his mates started ripping into Busey.

The actor, they contended, insulted the client by saying the lotion turned him on, and often had trouble focusing on the tasks at hand.

“We are forced to work around you,” Meat Loaf argued before it came down to just Busey and McGrath.

Though the Sugar Ray singer eventually got the hook, The Donald put Busey on notice that he may not be long for the competition.

“You better shape up.  Watch your hands, watch you mouth.  Watch all that crap.  Too many complaints, Gary.  They can’t all be wrong!”

NeNe must have been proud.

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