Elisha Cuthbert Finds Her Own ‘Happy Endings’

So much for “let’s be friends.”

Elisha Cuthbert – the pretty blonde Canadian who returns to TV as a runaway bride-to-be in ABC’s “Happy Endings” – says she doesn’t bother to maintain ties with any of her exes.

“It’s never worked in my life,” the actress revealed during a conference call with reporters on Monday. “Once it’s done, it is done.”

Watch a Sneak Peek of the Series Premiere of “Happy Endings”

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Though she was once engaged to Justin Timberlake’s former personal assistant Trace Ayala, and briefly dated actor Andrew Keegan, it’s Cuthbert’s relationships with professional hockey stars that have generated the most buzz.

In 2008, she dumped then Dallas Stars badboy Sean Avery to be with Toronto Maple Leaf Dion Phaneuf. Avery responded by calling his ex “sloppy seconds” and was suspended from the ice.

Cuthbert and Phaneuf are still together and “couldn’t be more pleased and happy,” she tells The New York Post.

Born in Calgary and raised near Quebec, Cuthbert got her foot into the show business door – literally – modeling rubber boots for a Canadian retail catalogue as a preteen.

After a stint as co-host of the TV series “Popular Mechanics for Kids,” she bolted for LA in 1999 and eventually landed her signature role as Keifer Sutherland’s daughter, Kim Bauer, on “24.”

“I think I felt like I did everything I needed to do in television with the one-hour drama,” she says.  “I spent a lot of years working very hard and trying to sort of bring this dramatic character to life.  And once that journey was over, I sat for like a year and a half going ‘what is this? Have I decided I am not interested in doing TV anymore?’”

“I just realized that I felt I had completed this part of my acting career at this point in time, and there was one thing left to show – and that was a lighter side.”

“I am a pretty light-hearted person.  With ‘24’ I didn’t really get to smile that much.”

Luckily, she found “Happy Endings.” In the pilot, airing April 13, Alex (Cuthbert) dumps her fiancé Dave (Zachary Knighton) at the altar and runs off on the honeymoon by herself – only to return and try to save their friendship.

“All of these awkward moments are ensuing because of the awkwardness of us trying to reconnect,” she explains.  “But it also makes for some very sweet moments where I am there as a friend for him and he really needs me.  So it opens up all these different stories and feelings.”

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