Donald Trump Fires Back at Bill Cosby After Shocking Comments

Bill Cosby, Donald Trump (Photo: Michael Loccisano/Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Bill Cosby, Donald Trump (Photo: Michael Loccisano/Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Donald Trump continued his cagey and sometimes wacky media tour by slamming Bill Cosby in a statement Monday.

The Coz followed Trump’s appearance on the “Today” show Thursday and seemed to shock host Meredith Vieira into silence when he declared that Trump was “full of it” and should either run for president or “shut up…but the only thing he’s running is his mouth.”

Trump has made headlines recently despite not officially announcing plans to run for president, while at the same time questioning the birthplace of the current office holder.

In a statement that mentioned both Bill Cosby’s tailor and David Letterman, Trump said he was surprised to hear Cosby “blabber, somewhat incoherently.”

“The hatred was pouring from his eyes when he said this,” the statement said. (The Huffington Post has the full text here.)

Trump said that he has never been a fan of Cosby’s but “had assumed he liked or respected me” – and this is where Letterman and the tailor come in – because when they’d seen each other in the “Late Show” green room, Cosby offered to hook Trump up with a suit.

Bill Cosby Slams Donald Trump Presidential Bid

The Apprentice” star closed his statement by appearing to question Cosby’s mental health. “Actually, based on the way he acted, things are not looking too good for Cosby.”

Trump has something of a reputation for his screeds against his critics, including recently, one to New York Times columnist Gail Collins and Vanity Fair.

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