Oliver Stone’s Films Celebrated On Demand, Including Revisited ‘Alexander’

If you saw Oliver Stone’s 2004 film “Alexander,” forget about it. Same with his later director’s cut. For the third time, the director has re-edited the biopicture of one of history’s greatest military leaders and added 45 minutes of footage not in the original version – and he’s finally got the film where he wants it, and likes it. Now, the movie, titled “Alexander Revisited” and starring Angelina Jolie, Colin Farrell and Anthony Hopkins, runs three-plus hours, has a brand new structure and includes an intermission. “It’s a whole other movie for me, and it’s perhaps one of the most ambitious achievements of my life,” Stone told Azfamily.com earlier this month. “It resembles the films I saw when I was young and went to see the epics I loved so much.”

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Critics picked the film apart when it was released in November 2004, and it bothered Stone all these years. “I failed it,” he said. “That’s why I went back.” The new version, billed as his “personal vision,” is available on XFINITY On Demand and for download in the Xfinity store. In addition, if you go to Oliver Stone Flicks & Picks in the Top Picks folder, you’ll find many of Stone’s best-known and most controversial films , including “Wall Street”, “Nixon”, “Born on the Fourth of July”, and of course “Platoon” and “Salvador”, both of which came out 25 years ago. In a opportunity to share in the legendary director’s passion for movies, Stone also provided a list of movies that have awed and influenced him. His comments are below.

The Hand: Michael Caine and his character’s misogyny towards women. Strange schizophrenic movie — part horror, part psychological.”
JFK: “My life was never the same after this came out.”
New Age: “Different. Strange. Quirky. Icy-cold performances.”
South Central: “A little gem of inner city African American life. Steve Anderson, a great directing job.” http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/movies/South-Central/43074/full-movie
Any Given Sunday: “Sports and money collide. The challenge of doing eight interconnected stories at once. Five composers, five different styles of music from hip hop to mystical. A madhouse of a film.” http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/movies/Any-Given-Sunday/27225/watch-it/on-demand
Heaven & Earth: “Done the same year as “Natural Born Killers” — what a contrast. Did this in a classical mode. Beautiful music by Kitarô. Haunting landscapes from Bob Richardson. Thailand and Vietnam in their natural beauty…true story of a young woman, torn by both sides, moves to the United States. Two cultures, several children, painful marriage to Tommy Lee Jones’ character, saved by her spiritual side.”
Natural Born Killers: “A one time experience; impossible to do again. An insane moment in time.” http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/movies/Natural-Born-Killers/39748/watch-it/on-demand
Reversal of Fortune: “An impeccable, icy-cold Jeremy Irons brings life to this true-life story of a man slowly mu

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