Anderson Cooper Slams Snooki

Anderson Cooper (CNN)

Anderson Cooper (CNN)

Anderson Cooper is not happy about Snooki earning a reported $100K per episode paycheck for “Jersey Shore’s” fourth season.

Having free reign to discuss the frivolous in his “AC 360” ‘RidicuList’ segment, the anchor dedicated the last five minutes of his show Tuesday to “all the people who are paying Snooki to…well, be Snooki.”

“Snooki is one impossibly lucky, unusually spunky, freakishly tan, beer-guzzling, juice-head hugging, muscle-head loving, Botero-body pint-size money-making machine,” he said with an expression mixed with disdain, incredulity, and mockery.

Check out the full “AC 360” Snooki slam right here:

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Interlaced with tanning sessions wisecracks, AC ranted on the controversial $32K fee that Snooki received speaking at Rutgers University and the fact that she gets a $25K appearance fee to show up at a club and just be her party-girl self—or as he’d rather call it: “the show-up-and-throw-up fee.”

Immediately after slamming his head on his desk in disbelief, The Coop left viewers with his final recommendations. “You really don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get your Snooki on,” he said. “You just need basic cable. It comes with the package. Just turn on MTV, watch some ‘Jersey Shore’—any episode will do because frankly, they’re all the same.”

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