‘DWTS’ Kendra Embarrassed By Her Behavior

Kendra Wilkinson and Louis Van Amstel (Photo: ABC)

Kendra Wilkinson and Louis Van Amstel (Photo: ABC)

It’s been a rough week for Kendra Wilkinson, who landed at the bottom of the “Dancing with the Stars” leaderboard and had an uncomfortable run-in at judges’ table.

The Monday night showdown went like this: “It’s like you’re afraid of elegance,” said judge Carrie Ann Inaba to Kendra after her poor performance. “I just don’t care about it,” Kendra snapped back. She soon regretted the comment.

In the footage viewers saw on Tuesday night’s results show, Kendra’s partner Louis was disappointed with his dancer over the remark, and Kendra was seen backstage in tears saying she was “so embarrassed” and just wanted to hide. To make matters worse, Kendra blamed it on her time of the month, blaming her mood on the fact that “the hormones took over.” (What?)

Kendra Says Her Mood “Threw Her Off”

It was Kendra’s impulsive reply that Louis thought did them in, but instead it was boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard who was went packing Tuesday night. “I have my duct tape ready for next week,” Louis said to reporters backstage Tuesday, holding up a piece of black duct tape.

Sugar Ray: “I Will Cherish This Moment”

“In the package,” he continued, “I was really disappointed was because I know how much she cares about the whole process. Well, I was surprised that I suddenly felt like so angry at the situation, not at her, because what she puts out, that America thinks, ‘Oh she doesn’t care. She’s blowing it off.’ … I know how much she cares.”

But does she care? Here’s what Kendra had to say…

Do you care? And if so why?
Kendra: Yes. I care about doing the best I can do. Not being a pro dancer, but to do the best I can do with the time that we have. I’m not trying to go out there and be anybody else other than me. I’m trying to do the best I can do with what I’ve learned. Yeah, I care.

Were you frustrated because the dance was hard?
Kendra: No, it had nothing to do with the dance. It had to do with her [Carrie Ann Inaba] advice-giving, she said, ‘You’re being afraid of elegance’ and that was not the case. That ate me up alive. I’m not afraid of elegance. By the way, we all have our own definition of elegance. I have my own definition. Elegance is what my husband Hank sees, not what Carrie Ann sees. That’s what I care about.

You told reporters that you were going to have to apologize to ABC and Carrie Ann. Did you do that?
Kendra: No because I looked back at it and I didn’t think it was that bad.

What made you calm down again Monday night?
Kendra: I didn’t.

Did you get much sleep Monday night?
Kendra: A little bit, a little bit. You know, I was just in one of those moods. I’m not really a big Hollywood-type person and being in this limelight … look, I’m a normal-ass person. I’m a down-to-Earth person. I’m not gonna sit here and lie and say I love this big Hollywood stuff. It scares me. It does. I’m afraid. I’m afraid of it. It’s something I’m not used to. Am I this person?

Did you talk to Kendra about those comments and what affect saying ‘I don’t care’ can have? It’s not going to fly well with the judges or fans.
Louis: You didn’t see when they cut off, just when she says, ‘Just kidding.’ She was joking. But she was in a bad mood. She was, you know, her monthly thing was going on. She was dizzy and because of that when the comment came from Carrie Ann, it had nothing to do with why she was not performing 100%. She had her monthly period and she was dizzy because of it. So…

Do you think because she’s used to cameras around her, she does let loose with things she might not normally say?
Louis: That’s the thing. This is reality. When you stand there and you blurt things out, that’s not being edited. But I must say, I love her for it. But she’s real and then people are saying, ‘fake b*tch,’ ‘fake b*tch.’ I’m so glad they showed that package when I said what I said and she said, ‘I feel embarrassed,’ I was like brilliant, thank you!

Do you feel lucky to have made it through this week?
Louis: I feel very lucky and very happy, and it ain’t gonna happen again.

Louis: Misunderstandings of what she says and what she feels, because this woman has a heart of gold.

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