Y&R’s Sharon is Dyeing to Escape Prison

Suddenly Hannah Montana Looks Like A Master of Disguise

I apologize if any of you don’t recognize me. My hairstylist convinced me to try some subtle red highlights for spring. What? You think I look exactly the same? You must not live in Genoa City, Wisconsin. “The Young & the Restless’s” Sharon (Sharon Case), wrongly convicted of murder, fled police custody with Adam’s (Michael Muhney) help. Emulating “The Fugitive’s” Richard Kimble, once she got away she sneaked into a public bathroom to alter her appearance, adopting a cunning disguise: dyeing her blonde hair a very light brown. She also substituted her usual tight expensive clothes for some tight cheap clothes. Her own mother did not recognize her. Not since Superman donned a pair of glasses to convince everyone he was Clark Kent has such a small change fooled so many people. If the goal was to give Sharon a makeover, mission accomplished. Her new hair color looks great. The idea that she could evade the police with some jeans and a little Clairol is ludicrous.

Granted, asking for some semblance of reality in a storyline about a woman accused of pushing another woman into a volcano is pointless. I’m still trying to figure out why the trial took place in Wisconsin when the murder happened in Hawaii, or why nobody is troubled that Skye’s body was never found given that she faked her death twice before. But couldn’t Adam have given Sharon an old lady rubber mask or had her buzz her hair into a crew cut or something that might make her truly look different from her photos? Her trial was broadcast on television so this should be the equivalent of O.J. trying to go incognito in 1994.

Watch a Sneak Peek of “The Young and the Restless:”

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I think the adventures of Sharon on the run could be far more entertaining than the legal maneuvering, and trips around the world in search of memory cards with videotaped footage that will clear Sharon. I would buy Sharon, once she leaves Wisconsin, being able to assume her regular appearance since presumably no one in her new location will be looking for her. Spoilers indicate that she is going to end up in a romance with a veterinarian played by Sean Patrick Flanery. Maybe she will end up writing a book about her experience like the “Fugitive Mom” that appeared on Oprah last week. She could write a chapter on how to render yourself unrecognizable with a slight hair color change.

How Brenda Got Her Brain Back

Tupac once rapped “I hear Brenda’s got a baby/But Brenda’s barely got a brain.” Those lines accurately sum up the first six months of Brenda’s (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) return to “General Hospital.” The once vibrant heroine had turned into a hapless victim who did not realize that her BFF was the mother of the evil ex-boyfriend that she killed. She also believed that she had delivered a still born baby while she was passed out and never asked any questions about what happened like, say, if she could see her child. Somehow, when Suzanne (Adrienne Barbeau) unceremoniously and anti-climatically dropped off an adorable, seemingly mute three year-old named Lucian on Brenda’s doorstep and announced that it was her long lost son, she also returned Brenda’s personality.

On one hand, it seems like a wasted opportunity not to have Brenda grow suspicious and track down her child herself, toppling a crime dynasty along the way. On the other, that story would have inevitably ended with Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jason (Steve Burton) saving the day. So I’ll take the rushed plot point, particularly since Brenda immediately went Mama Bear. She made it clear to Sonny, who apparently is only enthusiastic about raising other people’s children when Carly is the mother, that she does not want her child to grow up with bodyguards and violence. Yes, she should have thought about that before she married the guy, but she had no plans to procreate. This was the Brenda I remember, the one who loved Sonny but couldn’t be with him because she hated that he was a criminal.Then Carly (Laura Wright) decided to barge in and tell Brenda she was going to be a disaster of a mother. I fell on the floor laughing at Carly’s hypocrisy. Fortunately real Brenda gave it right back to her: “I kind of feel like you’re the worst person to lecture me on motherhood because you’re a horrible mother.”

Then Brenda pointed out to Sonny that perhaps his ex-wife should not be able to let herself into their home unannounced whenever she wants. His lame excuse was that it was better for their children — none of whom live with him, and would therefore be unaware of Carly’s comings and goings. Brenda appeared to buy this, saying, “Wow. I think you’re right about this. You’re a really good dad. You’re putting your kids first.” I choose to believe that was the dialogue writer bending to the show’s edict that Sonny must always be portrayed as right, because Sonny’s position makes no sense. The truth is, Sonny enjoys that Carly has never let go of him because it makes him feel like a stud. It seems like Brenda has started to realize that a lifetime of Carly and Max the Bodyguard may not be so great. On Tuesday, she told the newly single Jax, “‘I’m running around trying to figure out how to be a mother all of a sudden, and just trying to figure out how to keep him safe. You know, I just want to keep him safe, you know? From this whole kind of crazy world that I’ve married into.” It seems like Brenda has finally started using her brain again.

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