Hot Clips: Check Out Will Ferrell on ‘The Office’

Will Ferrell on 'The Office' (Photo: NBC)

Will Ferrell on 'The Office' (Photo: NBC)

We don’t know yet if Will Ferrell will turn up on any of his upcoming episodes of “The Office” clad only in his briefs as he often does, but indications are his guest role will have him playing a character not unlike some of the bumbling, but lovable types he’s best known for.

“Mr. Ferrell’s reputation for … playing likable buffoons seemed to work to his advantage in his portrayal of Deangelo Vickers, an interim manager as absurd as Michael Scott [Steve Carell], with an inexplicable fixation on Southwestern culture,” wrote a New York Times reporter who was on-set recently to watch Ferrell film some of his scenes. Ferrell will be seen in four episodes, starting tonight, Thursday, April 14.

“The Office” Cast Dishes on Working with Will:

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Which buffoons? The reporter was referring to the characters Ferrell played in about a dozen movies, including “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy” (our personal favorite), “Semi-Pro,” “Talladega Nights,” “Old School” and others.

Many of the “Office” stalwarts were interviewed for the Times’ story, including Ferrell himself, Carell, John Krasinski (“Jim Halpert”) and Rainn Wilson (“Dwight Schrute”). “We could crash and burn without Steve,” Wilson said of the challenge facing the series after Carell’s exit (his last episode is April 28). “We could be in a whole mess of trouble.”

The Times story, like other stories that have appeared in the last few weeks, indicates that it’s doubtful that Will Ferrell will wind up as Carell’s permanent replacement as regional manager of the Scranton office of Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. But even that is not 100 percent certain. No one associated with the show has given any clue as to who might be cast in the manager’s role next season, or whether we’ll even find out who the new man (or woman) is before the current season comes to a close.

In the meantime, though, that uncertainty is no barrier to enjoying Will Ferrell in a rare TV role. This clip from NBC give us a hint of what’s in store for the next four weeks.

Here, outgoing manager Michael Scott introduces the new guy, Deangelo Vickers, to the “Office” staff:

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