‘Fringe’ Producers: Someone Will Die!

Fringe” will live on – without one of its most beloved characters.

“Somebody we all love deeply will die (before the end of the season),” producer Jeff Pinkner confirmed in a conference call with reporters Thursday.

The death, producer J.D. Wyman adds, “is going to be effective and it will be self explanatory…’Fringe’ always does things the way you don’t expect…We are always trying to finish the season off by opening a brand new chapter for next season.”

The pair also debunked rumors that the show would incorporate yet another new parallel universe.

“We are not introducing a third world,” Pinkner said.  “There is our world and then there is the world that Peter was taken from as an 8 year-old.  We still have plenty of stories to tell in those two worlds.  Maybe at some point in the future there will be a third world.  But not yet.”

The low-rated (but cult favorite) sci-fi series was banished in January to Fox’s Friday night “death slot” – where ‘Terminator,’ ‘Dollhouse,’ ‘MANTIS,’ ‘Sliders,’ ‘Millennium’ and ‘Dark Angel’ were all sent to die.

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But “Fringe” has managed to survive.  Not that the showrunners had any doubts.

“The network and studio have been so upfront about everything they were going to do with the program to try to keep it on the air,” Wyman says.  “It was always just a matter of us believing in them and them believing in us.”

This week’s episode marks the return of Leonard Nimoy as William Bell, founder and CEO of Massive Dynamic and the wizard responsible for much of the crazy science on the show.

“Leonard retired from acting at the end of (last year’s) season finale,” Pinkner noted.  “But Joel and I and (writer-director) Akiva Goldsman were talking about the notion that William Bell would inhabit Olivia’s mind and we came up with what we thought was a really cool idea.

“So we called Leonard and pitched the idea to him and he just started laughing.  He said, ‘Ok, I am in.  How do you want to use me?’  And we talked him through that.

“He is participating in the show.  It is more than just giving us license.  Anna did a spectacular job becoming William Bell.  But William Bell is present in this next episode.  And present in a way, I guess we can say, that gives new meaning to alternate reality.  But it is very much Leonard Nimoy.”

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