RHONY: Who’s the Victim in Sonja and Alex’s Explosive Catfight?

The Real Housewives of New York City (Bravo)

The Real Housewives of New York City (Bravo)

Alex McCord has been downing a few more glasses of Pinot Grigio than we’re accustomed to seeing—and it’s only the second episode of the flippin’ season! But judging from last night’s “Real Housewives of NYC” bridezilla debacle, can you blame her?

In a strange twist of events, the normally agreeable Sonja Morgan turned into a narcissistic petulant child during the March for Marriage Equality that Alex and hubby Simon had been working so hard on. (Must’ve been the bankruptcy that made her inner loon come out.)

Aside from her constant whines that the march was her day and that the ladies should be there to support her, the former JP Morganite agreed to be the Grand Marshall of ceremonies under one condition: She had to be the sole speaker. Unfortunately, her demand meant that Alex and Simon’s original slate to speak got the shaft, and needless to say, the couple were majorly peeved and tacked on their most ferocious frownie faces.

Watch The Build-Up To The Big Blow Up:

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Hoping that Sonja would be rational, Alex asked if in the least Simon could share his story, but Sonja brushed their pleas off with great agitation, as if the two were dung flies buzzing around her delicately manufactured face, or better yet, as if she were fighting a couple of menopausal hot flashes. Siding with anyone with mental instability, Kelly immediately came to Sonja’s defense and told Alex to take a chill pill (while at the same time revealing that an adult can in fact have more than 32 teeth).

Despite the tension boiling between them, Alex sashayed into Sonja’s art party a couple days later, where the latter was honoring the young buck artist whom she was Cougaring it up with. The elder blond pulled the Brooklynite aside and said the incident was water under the bridge, no problem—oh, but that Simon character of hers better step off and never yak in her luxurious ear canals again!

This entire time, of course, Alex had her Halloween face on (i.e. eyes squinting in disbelief, nostrils flaring, mouth open in an O-shape) and proceeded to tell Sonja that the march was not all about her. As if the producers lit a ‘go’ switch on her, Sonja erupted out of nowhere and screamed that Alex had “no manners” and that she had better leave her party! But Alex hung on like a Chihuahua to its bone and demanded that Sonja hear what she had to say. Being the conscientious hostess that she was, Sonja boomed out a tantrum of insults on Alex like an operatic score, practically making the champagne glasses break into tiny pieces and making her guests want to tinkle in their expensive panties.

As much as Sonja felt she was the victim last night, it seems to us that so far, Alex is getting unfairly hated on by a bunch of Mean (and Delusional) Girls.

Our closing thoughts to her: Drink up, girl.

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