NeNe Leakes: I’m Friends With LaToya Now

NeNe Leakes on The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

NeNe Leakes on The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

NeNe Leakes says she’s made nice with her “Celebrity Apprentice” co-star LaToya Jackson and the two women have become friends.

They even hung out together recently in Los Angeles, she tells XfinityTV exclusively:  “We went to the SoHo House and to BOA Steakhouse.”

Last Sunday night, the outspoken Atlanta Housewife opened a can of Georgia whoop-ass on Project Manager LaToya – after their team beat the men!

“Don’t you try to act like you the reason why we won, because you are not,” she said.  “I worked my ass off while you sat there and looked like Casper the Ghost. OK? Let’s be clear. Let’s be clear, Casper. You fooled a lot of people, but you have not fooled me. Be gone. Disappear, ghost.”

Watch NeNe deliver her Georgia whoop-ass here.
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NeNe tells us the footage, filmed last October, was “hard to watch”.

Was there more of a back story than we saw on TV?
There is a back story that you did not see.  Before we left the Boardroom, Mr. Trump asked LaToya “After this whole experience, who would you keep in contact with?”  And she named all the girls except for me.  And I was like “Really, LaToya?  I did not even know this was personal.  I thought this was just business.”  And then she just sort of rolled her eyes.  So I let it go.  Then Mr. Trump, when he announced the winner, said “NeNe, you can go and apologize to her please.”  And I said “No.  I won’t be doing that.”  Then we headed back to the suite.  So the viewers never saw that.  They cut that whole part out where Mr. Trump said “Which one of these people would you keep in contact with after all this is over.”  That is where it came from.

Where did “Casper The Ghost” come from?
I don’t know where that came from.  I just looked at her and said “Casper the Ghost.”  But you know what? I have to say, I do speak my mind.  But if you ask LaToya and some of the other girls, I am a very sweet person.  I am very kind to everyone.  If you really push me, I will really speak up.  I try not to speak up because my delivery is not the best sometimes.  So in the beginning I was rather quiet.  I wouldn’t say a whole lot.  Because I don’t like to sugar coat things.  You can always bet that you are going to get the truth from me.

What is your relationship with LaToya like now?
Now? Latoya and I have had that moment, but we have moved past it.  And I think you will see that on the show.

Can you guys laugh about this in hindsight? It was hard for me to watch.  I will admit that.  I am sure it was probably hard for LaToya, too.  We have been in contact.  You don’t know what everybody is saying in their interviews until they see it.  This happened last year and some of the viewers don’t realize that or know that.  We are so past it.  But when you see it on television it can bring up the bad feelings again.  And it makes me sad that I had to blow up.

Did you offer her an apology?
I wouldn’t say that.  But it happens on the show?

What has this show done for your brand or career?
I think it has done wonderful for my career.  I am known everywhere I know.  I have now moved into my fourth season of “Housewives”.  I started my first day of shooting yesterday.  I have had other networks reach out to me.  I am getting ready to do something with Perez Hilton on WeTV in New York.  And I will be touring with a stage play.

What is that?
The play is called “Loving Him Is Killing Me.”  I am going to go out with them for three weeks.  I am going to do it in Washington DC during Mothers Day weekend.  Then Miami the next weekend.  And the weekend after that, Philadelphia.

Will this be your stage acting debut?
No.  I have done some acting before and I have done stage plays a few times.  So this stage play reached out to me.  I have had a couple of licensing companies reach out to me.  I also interviewed with a production company in Los Angeles about a talk show.

Are they all looking for the villain?  Do you feel put in a box ever?
I live a verygood life, but I do have that side.  I will go there with you.

Can you tease Sunday’s episode?
It is a cooking segment.  We are doing a live cooking experience for Omaha Steaks.

Are you fighting with anyone new?
I think everything is fine this week.

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